Letters to the editor (May 9)

UNDERSTANDING: A reader contends that schools should be safe places for exploring questions of faith and belief. Picture: David Stewart
UNDERSTANDING: A reader contends that schools should be safe places for exploring questions of faith and belief. Picture: David Stewart

Ethics have Christian basis

WHILE it is wonderful to be teaching ethics in our schools ("Ethics shaping young minds", Lakes Mail, May 2), it is important to remember that ethics have emerged from Christian principles as outlined in the Bible.

I think it is also important for spirituality to be included in our children's educational experience. Schools should be a safe place to explore deeper questions of faith and belief, not a place where those things are excluded from the discussion.

There is evidence of a strengthened tolerance in children who have attended Special Religious Education classes. And in today's world, where religion is at the heart of so much that is happening globally, it is important for children to have some understanding of what religious belief is all about.

- Barbara Dufty, Morisset Park

Ode to Wangi Road

I TOOK my life in my hands today/ To travel Wangi Road to Morisset/ You see I had to go via Myuna Bay/ The sight of the former NSW Sport and Rec.

There is an impending earthquake to happen any time/ One in 500 years frequency according to Gladys's MPs/ The power station tailing dam will collapse along its line/ So "all out", quick, everyone must leave.

So I put on my high viz, overalls and hard hat/ Safety boots, safety glasses, hazard lights on my car/ To make my run to Bunnings through that dangerous habitat/ Passing Myuna Bay, desolate, because of a decision that's quite bizarre.

Those six blokes around the tractor and those tending the garden/ Acting so brave, but they did have warning signs and high viz/ Signs along the road for the Dobell Festival and the local kindergarten/ Just enticing outsiders to the dangers that exist.

My shopping done I headed back home/ Along that dangerous Wangi Road track/ I bravely passed the Myuna Bay camp/ For the kids' sake, don't let it become Sport and Wreck.

- Steve Robinson, Wangi Wangi

Question of costs

THE question put repeatedly to Bill Shorten is what will his climate change policy cost the economy? His answer should be that it does not matter, it will be justified, because the cost to the economy for no policy like the Liberals will be far, far worse.

- Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

On Labor leaders

FOR those still undecided who to vote for, old hands should be reminded and new ones advised that of our six ALP prime ministers since 1946, Bob Hawke has been the only one to successfully serve a three-year term and receive public endorsement to stay on the job.

To put it as succinctly as possible, Bill Shorten sure ain't no Bob Hawke.

- Ron Elphick, Buff Point

Festival 'great value'

CONGRATULATIONS to the Lake Macquarie City Council library on its inaugural livestreaming of some sessions of the Sydney Writers Festival on 3rd-5th May.

This excellent service, provided at the Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centre at Warners Bay, will hopefully be provided again next year and be better patronised as more people become aware that it is on. Informative, entertaining, and only a gold coin to enter. Great value.

- Reg Howes, Valentine

Letters on election

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