Pelican Flat mans neigbours surprise him with news of $280,000 Keno win

Knock on the door nets Pelican Flat man $280k

A Pelican Flat man received the surprise of his life when his neighbours popped over to tell him someone from their local club had won a major Keno prize which turned out to be him.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, bought a Keno Classic 9 Spot entry in game 763 from Pelican Flat RSL Club on Wednesday, July 7. He won the major prize worth $281,471.90.

Speaking with an official from Keno, the overjoyed man relayed the moment he discovered he was the winner.

"I was at home and my neighbours, who were at the club, came over and asked me if I'd put on a 9 Spot entry at our local," he said.

"They said someone had won the 9 Spot prize there and that it could be me. But I thought they were joking, so they made me check the website. And there it was. I couldn't believe I was the winner.

"I went back to the club and took a photo of the terminal to send to my daughter. She called me crying. She was so happy for me.

"Then I called my mate later, and we FaceTimed and had a celebratory drink together.

"I've been going through a really rough time lately, so it feels like something is finally going my way for a change. I am very happy/

"These winning numbers, they're the best numbers. I'll be using them from now on."

When asked how he planned to enjoy his Keno fun money, the stoked bloke said he'd be saving most of it, but he did have a few plans to spoil himself.

"I might get myself a new car, and when we can travel again, I'd love to go to Asia," he said.

Andrew Walker from Pelican Flat RSL Club said the venue was celebrating their exciting win.

"We have a strong and loyal membership, and we could not be happier that one of our Pelican family members have won this incredible prize," he said.

"What a time for a win. When we saw someone won the prize yesterday, the atmosphere was electric. Our patrons are so excited for our winner too.

"We would love to send our sincere congratulations to the winner, and we would like to thank them for their continued support. We can't wait for our next major win."