Letters to the editor: Shed men an inspiration (March 5)

PRODUCTIVE MOB: Reader Edward Mazzoni has a big rap on the versatile and generous blokes from Wangi Men's Shed who have been busy of late.
PRODUCTIVE MOB: Reader Edward Mazzoni has a big rap on the versatile and generous blokes from Wangi Men's Shed who have been busy of late.

Shed men an inspiration

I WRITE regarding your story about Wangi Men's Shed volunteers building bird boxes ("Appeal for 10,000 bird boxes", Lakes Mail, February 27).

How cool is this? It's an example of a resilient community - formwork timber which, itself, has been reused numerous times, now going to live on as a bird box instead of going to landfill.

The story highlights the work done by productive seniors in a multi-purpose facility - during the bushfires they were preparing food parcels there for dispatch to fire zones.

Now the bird boxes will be placed in the bush by volunteers, and all involving no government employees or bottom line funding.

- Edward Mazzoni, Mirrabooka

Kerbside collection trap

I'D like to raise public awareness of the danger our council is subjecting us to. I'm referring to the bi-annual bulk waste service which leads to piles of interesting throw-outs.

In the past two weeks I've several times found my car pointing dangerously off course as I've strained to get a second look at the amazing objects people discard.

- Tim O'Connell, Morisset

Forgotten West side story

MY wife and I are Blackalls Park residents and visit the Toronto Boulevarde almost daily to enjoy a cup of coffee at our favourite cafe.

In mid 2019 I spoke to a representative of Lake Macquarie City Council regarding the newly added street furniture along The Boulevarde.

In this conversation I pointed out that at the top end of The Boulevarde they had placed timber benches with bar stools outside a lawyer's office, a bank, and two retail shops. However, at the bottom end of the street there are five cafes and vacant spaces where street furniture would be much more appropriate.

Outside one café there are five cement blocks for seating which are totally unsuitable. Only two of these blocks are used for seating.

The other three blocks are a waste of space and this area would be much better utilized with benches and bar stools.

I do acknowledge the millions of dollars the council has spent on the Warners Bay and Speers Point foreshores and I appreciate that the council has recently beautified The Boulevarde in Toronto, including spending quite a bit of money on plants.

However, the council gardeners are rarely seen attending to these plants and many are dying or have been vandalised.

On speaking to council about these matters I was informed that council has a priority list and such things could not be rectified in the foreseeable future because of, you guessed it, no funds in the budget.

Once again, the west side of the lake seems to be forgotten.

- Diamond Porter, Blackalls Park

Flying foxes a menace

AS a resident close to the fruit bat colony at Blackalls Park all I would say regarding your story ("Blackalls fruit bats decimated", Lakes Mail, February 20) is thank you: there must be a God.

The angst that these creatures cause our community is unbelievable. They are filthy, noisy, smelly and, as stated in your article, are a dead set health hazard. The bat colony is on the doorstep of our sports grounds, schools, a new over-55s housing area adjacent to Toronto Workers Club, and many residents properties.

We cannot leave any washing on the line or the vehicles out of a night as their feces will stain and eat through most everything. Our house roofs cop it, of course, so any rainwater collected becomes contaminated and our tanks need emptying and cleaning at a great expense. If Hunter Animal Rescue would like to re-house what's left of the colony to Dora Creek then I believe most locals would be fine with that.

- Peter Neale, Blackalls Park

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