Letters to the editor: People who change energy consumption habits are heroes not hypocrites (Feb 6)

WELL PLAYED: Graham Boyd says people who reduce their energy consumption, even in small ways, should be considered heroes, not hypocrites. Picture: Jessica Shapiro
WELL PLAYED: Graham Boyd says people who reduce their energy consumption, even in small ways, should be considered heroes, not hypocrites. Picture: Jessica Shapiro

Heroes not hypocrites

YOUR correspondent Justin Jefferson ("Weather no moral fault", Lakes Mail, January 31) makes a profound error with his statement that "all the climate models of all the alleged experts without exception have proven flatly incorrect".

This is the sort of nonsense spouted by the Murdoch press and is not true. Mr Jefferson should read the 2019 report written by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which is the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change.

He should start reading from page 600 which, amongst many other things, concludes "Over several decades of development, models have consistently provided a robust and unambiguous picture of significant climate warming in response to increasing greenhouse gases".

People who change their energy consumption habits, even in a tiny way, should be considered heroes, not hypocrites.

- Graham Boyd, Dora Creek

What to do with dog poo

MANY of your readers may be dog owners. A 2019 Pets in Australia report tells us we live with over 5 million companion dogs. That's a whole lot of dog poo to deal with!

I'm a PhD student at CQUniversity Australia and a dog owner myself. I'm researching whether we can compost dog poo at home and make it safe for use in backyard veggie gardens. An important part of my study is finding out how much poo dogs produce, whether their owners pick it up, what they use and what they do with it.

Your readers can help out my taking part in my online survey. It's short, anonymous, and asks questions about their views and habits around collection and disposal of dog poo. Any Australian dog owner over 13 years old can participate.

- Emily Bryson Lockleys, SA

No need for commission

I WRITE to comment on Carl Stevenson's letter ("Commission on climate", Lakes Mail, January 23. We don't need a Royal Commission or anything else to separate "scientific facts from fiction or unproven theories" as he suggests. That work has already been done many times over by universities and public institutions in Australia and worldwide, including the IPCC, NASA, and CSIRO.

What we do need urgently is a COAG meeting to work out a national plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 (all states and the ACT already have such a plan, but not the federal government). This should limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius, but judging by the effect of 1 degree Celsius warming on the current bushfire season, we should perhaps aim for net zero emissions earlier, in line with the Paris goal of a maximum warming of 1.5 degrees.

Such action would support calls from international public leaders like Sir David Attenborough, Prince Charles, Greta Thunberg, Antonio Guterres, and the Pope. If such calls are not heeded, most of planet Earth will be uninhabitable by the end of this century, condemning most people born from now on to a precarious existence and early death.

- Richard Edmonds, Balcolyn

Nuclear weapon v air rifle

OUR Prime Minister is swinging into action concerning the coronavirus. Pity he falls way behind in tackling the far greater threat of climate change and our planet's future. It's like comparing an air rifle to a nuclear weapon.

- Julie Robinson, Cardiff

Aussie of the Year

I BELIEVE ex-detective inspector Peter Fox should have been named Australian of the Year for his tireless dedication for exposing the paedophile priests within the Catholic Church which cost him his career and ill health, but hopefully has saved more children from being abused.

- Warren Shakespeare, Belmont North

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