Letters to the editor: Let's pump water inland (January 23)

BIG JOB: A letter writer says it's time to put in place infrastructure to supply inland Australia with some of the water that falls on the coastal fringes. Picture: Nic Walker
BIG JOB: A letter writer says it's time to put in place infrastructure to supply inland Australia with some of the water that falls on the coastal fringes. Picture: Nic Walker

Plan to pump water inland

WE'VE heard a lot of discussions about climate change, and what could or should be done in the short term.

But until recently I had not heard any conversations regarding piping water inland, which would greatly help the struggling communities there to deal with the catastrophic problems they are facing.

How's this for an idea?

We get people employed in constructing and then maintaining irrigation pipelines to carry water from the coast to inland areas in need. All water - grey water, filtered effluent, storm water - would be used for agriculture so that clean water could be kept for drinking.

By having people employed, there is more tax revenue, and fewer people receiving unemployment payments, meaning the federal government saves money.

Think of the positive side effects for mental health because people would be working for a life-saving purpose.

We would ensure that Australian companies get the contracts, and the work isn't given to overseas contractors.

To facilitate payment for the employment and materials required for the plan, we create a tax levy (like Medicare), but taken only from communities on the coast and in cities where the drought has not had such a devastating effect.

The levy would not be imposed on our agricultural producers.

A win-win situation?

- Elizabeth Moulder, Jilliby

Commission on climate

I RECKON it's time the climate change debate (or fiasco) came to a head with a solution that would be agreeable from both sides of the debate. A royal commission using proven scientific facts, not fiction or unproven theories, is the only way forward. That would allow governments to take a positive step either way, unchallenged. Maybe too much money has already been spent, or maybe not enough, and there will always be those who do not accept the decision from either side, but for the sake of the need to move forward rather than being stuck on a merry go round I believe a royal commission is the only solution. It must go ahead without political interference, mob pressure or financial interests.

- Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek

Santa made it to the bay

YES, Santa did come to Secret Bay, and those people who managed to get onto jetties and verandas to watch him coming down the bay with music blaring, I'm sure, enjoyed the sight. A special thanks to Santa, Trevor Mears and Rotary for making this happen. And let's hope it's an annual occurrence.

- Neville Timmins, Fishing Point

Dick Smith for PM

DICK Smith for prime minister. He's the only one capable of restoring order, renewable energy infrastructure, and decent water management.

- Brendan Mackay, Warners Bay

What the people want

SCOTT Morrison is not doing what the people want: a price on carbon, support for renewables, no new coal mines and a living wage. He should call an election.

- John McLennan, Charlestown

Do it for the planet

MANY people are demanding that government take swift action to ameliorate or even reverse climate change. Many of the consequences of such action would require us all to join in, and it won't be the life many of us are currently living. We must not think of these changes as bad for us; we must think of them as living to save the planet. We already have level two water restrictions, and though they seem draconian we are not actually suffering - yet. We understand that to have basic water needs filled we need to husband our resources very carefully.

- Gwen Collis, Mayfield

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