Handicrafts cool again with young crowd at Coastal Yarn Traders, Toronto

EVERYTHING old is new again when it comes to the fibre arts of knitting, crocheting and macrame.

Just ask Tayla Cogdon, 25, whose store, Coastal Yarn Traders, on The Boulevarde, in Toronto, has thrived since opening 12 months ago.

"It really has exceeded all of my expectations," Ms Cogden said of her first year in business.

She sells a range of yarns, and some tools of the trade, and hosts how-to workshops.

And, no, it's not just little old ladies who are flocking to the store.

"I have a lot of young customers, and also do private classes with 12- and 13-year-olds," she said.

What's more, it not exclusively a female pursuit, either.

"I have a lot of male customers, and they are mostly into knitting."

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Young couples, it seems, enjoy the home decor statement that a macrame wall hanging can make.

"A lot of people have taken old macrame patterns from the 1970s, such as the owl, and given it a full revamp," Ms Cogdon said.

The fact she stocks non-toxic, sustainably-sourced materials ensures her shop ticks even more boxes with young customers.

Ms Cogdon said sitting down to make something with yarn was relaxing.

"I find it's a really good escape, and a good way to switch off and enjoy some 'me time' after work," she said.

And the finished product delivers heavy doses of satisfaction.

"Whenever I wear a shawl or sweater that I've made I get compliments, and that's really nice."

Ms Cogdon will host macrame workshops at the Time Out festival in Morisset on Sunday.

Visit timeoutfestivalmorisset.com for details.

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