Carla Edwards to host portrait photography workshops at Time Out festival in Morisset on November 17 | photos

EVER wanted to develop your portrait photography skills?

The Time Out festival at Morisset later this month will give you the chance.

You'll learn from a professional in a studio set up.

And there will be the choice of four models to work with.

Local portrait and exhibiting photographer Carla Edwards will host four photographic workshops during the festival.

"The models will include a pin-up model with tattoos, a black fashion model, a ballet dancer and live action role play people," Ms Edwards said.

There will be two workshops running concurrently in the morning, and two in the afternoon.

Ms Edwards said there was a skill to working with and directing models in portrait photography.

"There are lots of photographers who would like to shoot people but, for whatever reason, don't find that easy," she said.

Some photographers who were experienced at shooting landscapes, for example, sometimes found it difficult to "talk to strangers" in a portrait situation, she said.

Participants in the workshops will learn how to talk to their subjects, and develop a rapport that can enhance the shoot.

"Two studio rooms will be set up, each with lights and backgrounds depending on the requirements of each model," Ms Edwards said.

The workshops were not pitched at point-and-shoot photographers, but for photographers with a wireless trigger set up, she said.

Members of local camera clubs have already registered to take part.

"There will be a maximum of six photographers only per session, and a supervising photographer will be on hand to assist with moving the lighting and assisting photographers not familiar with studio strobes or triggers," she said.

The Time Out festival will be staged by Morisset Rotary Club in the grounds of Morisset High School on Sunday, November 17.

Time Out will put the focus on activities, hobbies and pastimes that can help people to unwind and recharge their batteries.

It will feature workshops, fun demonstrations and interactive displays covering everything from fitness challenges to arts and crafts.

Ms Edwards said engaging with photography helped her to tap into a different mindset.

"Photography takes me away from the boring and mundane, and allows my creative side to come out," she said.

It costs $50 to register for a photographic workshop with Ms Edwards at the Time Out festival.

Phone Ms Edwards on 0407 102695 or email for details.

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