Letters to the editor: Young views calling for action on climate change deserve our respect (Oct 10)

BACKING TEENS: One Lakes Mail reader believes students who have protested over climate change have a message worthy of adults' full attention. Picture: Jonathan Carroll
BACKING TEENS: One Lakes Mail reader believes students who have protested over climate change have a message worthy of adults' full attention. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

Views deserve respect

THERE has been a number of letters recently, condescendingly dismissing the views of young people protesting the lack of climate change action. They have been accused of hypocrisy, being manipulated or exploited, being childish and lacking facts. Greta Thunborg, in particular, has been singled out for criticism.

She has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and displays some typical characteristics. Those with Asperger's often take an intense interest in a limited number of subjects (climate change in her case), and are very focused and single minded. They tend to deal strictly in facts, and have a remarkable recall of details. They also usually speak directly to the point, without concern for subtleties and the views of others.

She is probably the last type of person to warrant the accusations levelled at her. On the subject of climate change she will almost certainly be far better informed than her critics, and be able to make their heads spin with facts and details, before bluntly advising them how ill-informed they are. Her views deserve more respect.

- Richard Mallaby, Wangi Wangi

Giddy up and see movie

RIDE Like a Girl is an Aussie movie you must see. When the film finished people clapped in the cinema. It's the story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win a Melbourne Cup in its 155-year history. It is the stand-out movie for me for 2019. Sam Neil was great in his role, as was Stevie Payne, Michelle's brother, who played himself. Go and see the movie.

- Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

Disgust at gambling ads

I AM writing to express my disgust at the advertising on free-to-air television relating to gambling. I realise it is a money-driven initiative, however, as the ads are shown at prime time I feel they are targeting young viewers who already have enough to cope with in the area of addictions to alcohol, tobacco, drugs and so on. Having seen first hand lives destroyed by compulsive gambling, I despair at the thought of more families caught up in the grip of this dreadful addiction. I wonder if other TV viewers agree?

- Kay Seath, Cooranbong

Bring back 3pm grand final

WHAT a fantastic grand final presentation hosted by the AFL last week. All day live coverage, 3pm kick-off and plenty of time to celebrate after that. As a mate said down at the beach the other morning, what's happened to our game (rugby league)? The greatest game of all. We once had barbecues and watched three grades of footy, had a few beers with our mates and families, all at a respectable time. Now I'll sit around all day waiting for an 8pm kick-off. The missus will watch a movie, the kids will be asleep, and I'll be on my Pat Malone. The NRL needs to have a good look at itself. It is only interested in the dollar, not the fans. How sad.

- John Lehman, Merewether

Icon for millennials

WITH her globe-trotting lifestyle, Greta Thunberg makes a fitting icon for eco-conscious millennials. Who better to exemplify the generation with the greatest carbon footprint in the history of the human race, which demands that other people do more to reduce emissions? Perhaps young Greta should sail her yacht (made from - of all things - carbon fibre) to the slums of Manila or Freetown? Then she can see what a "stolen childhood" really looks like.

- Scott Hillard, New Lambton

Proof is on the street

IF anybody doubts Newcastle's nightlife is still alive and well they only need to follow the trails of vomit down Hunter Street footpaths on Monday mornings that are still there on Wednesdays. There are still plenty of damaged shop windows too. No, leave the trading hours alone.

- Peter Phillis, Merewether

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