Parking area on Watt Street at Dora Creek Station was deemed unsafe, so it was closed and fenced

SYDNEY Trains has fenced and closed a parcel of land used for parking on the western side of Dora Creek Station because it was deemed unsafe for the public.

The fencing of the site has been the source of confusion and conjecture among locals in recent weeks.

But it turns out the space was never a car park to begin with.

"The area at the corner of Newport Road and Watt Street is a vacant piece of land and is not a designated car park for Dora Creek Station," a spokesperson for Sydney Trains told the Lakes Mail.

"It has been fenced off as the land is not safe to park on due to potholes and uneven surfaces.

"Customers using Dora Creek Station are encouraged to park at the commuter car park on the other side of the station."

The information is at odds with the explanation given to Dora Creek resident Eve Moyse who, in a letter to the editor last week, said CityRail had provided her with a different story.

"I was told that some signalling gear was to be installed and it may be necessary to use a cherry picker, so the car park was fenced and gated but would be returned to public use soon," Ms Moyse said.

Another local resident contacted the Lakes Mail to point out one knock-on effect from the fencing of the former parking area.

Motorists that used to park inside the now-fenced area were now parking on the street, the caller said.

When motorists parked on both sides of Watt Street there was barely enough room for the school bus to get through, they said.

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