Letters to the editor: Request to reinstate Kilaben Bay baths (August 22)

Removing baths an 'insult'

FOCAL POINT: Council's remediation of the Kilaben Bay jetty and baths will see the swimming enclosure removed. Picture: Supplied

FOCAL POINT: Council's remediation of the Kilaben Bay jetty and baths will see the swimming enclosure removed. Picture: Supplied

I WRITE regarding the future of the Kilaben Bay Park swimming area. Access to the baths and jetty has been denied due to concerns regarding asbestos in the pipe surrounds.

Council staff advise that council will not replace the swimming area surrounds and will retain the jetty. During summer months many of the local Coal Point and Kilaben Bay youths use the swimming facility regularly. Many of the children are aged 10 to 17 years and conduct themselves admirably.

With a lack of community facilities for the youth in the area the facility is an important benefit. During summer the jetty is also frequented by boats. The community believes it deserves to retain the facility that was present when they purchased their homes in the area. Should council be determined to remove the community facility from those that really are the rightful owners would council please confirm in writing that -

1. Water testing will continue for the Kilaben Bay Park "swimming" area;

2. A safety enclosure or similar will be installed at the existing swimming area to to protect the swimmers. Failure to do so and protect the children from boats is a complete mockery of council's stance on safety for the community;

3. Council immediately move to construct a safe bicycle track from Jarrett Street at Kilaben Road through to the Toronto foreshore and its swimming enclosure, which locals have been advised to access.

How anyone could expect young children to ride their bikes without safety to the Toronto facility is an insult to the community.

- Greg and Di Howick, Kilaben Bay

Beauty Point Road plan

I WRITE regarding the development application before Lake Macquarie City Council proposing the subdivision of three properties into 20 Torrens title lots in Beauty Point Road, Morisset. In my opinion this proposal will have detrimental repercussions for all residents along Beauty Point Road.

My wife and I live next door to the site and have serious concerns. We have observed the activities of wildlife along this corridor daily for the past 23 years, and have regularly encountered squirrel gliders, feather gliders, tawny frog mouths, kingfishers, lots of water dragons, ringtail possums and brushtail possums, snakes, lizards and foxes - all of which would be impacted by this development.

Five of the proposed lots facing onto Dora Creek are so small that if the existing council requirement regarding set back is to be met I find it difficult to see how they would have sufficient space left to build on.

The Kelbrae Close development in Beauty Point Road (a development completed a number of years back) was well conceived with larger blocks that were in keeping with its surroundings.

Previous developments in Beauty Point Road have caused storm water to erode the creek foreshore. When the Kelbrae Close development was approved, council recognised this as an issue and insisted on very large boulders being placed along the foreshore for stabilisation. There is no mention of this kind of responsible forward planning mentioned this time.

- Richard Baigent, Morisset

Morisset memorial

FAR be it for me to denigrate the wonderful efforts of the principal proponents of the repairs to Morisset Memorial Hall but I feel a more viable, visible and useful memorial could be incorporated into the recent vision by Lake Macquarie City Council of a town centre revitalisation. The current building has reached its use-by date and, other than its dedication, has insufficient heritage value to stand in the way of a modern memorial set in pleasant surroundings. Young people and visitors could be more readily made aware of the sacrifices which led to the original dedication. The work and meeting areas could be readily replaced and improved upon.

- Tim O'Connell, Morisset

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