Letters to the editor: Roos a danger; Bath Street opportunity; No coal-fired stations; and Reaction to Eraring ash dam

LAWN BUFFET: Kangaroos in the grounds of Morisset Hospital. Reader Steven Schreiber argues a local over-population of roos is a problem. Picture: Phillip Hearne
LAWN BUFFET: Kangaroos in the grounds of Morisset Hospital. Reader Steven Schreiber argues a local over-population of roos is a problem. Picture: Phillip Hearne

Roos a danger to humans

WITH respect to the people who are willing to respond at all hours of the night to save wildlife hit by vehicles ("Spike in roo strikes", Lakes Mail, July 18), there is a roo problem in this area. It's time for a major cull. Travel 10 minutes out of any CBD in this country and roos are in plague proportions. If tourists want to see roos they should go to a petting zoo or out west. But make sure they are told to get a hotel before the sun goes down. A roo strike can be fatal to humans or total a car. There are millions of them in country regions.

The government spends millions of dollars trying to control roos because of crop damage, but they can't keep up. Roos are a pest around here, as well. Morisset Hospital has been closed to tourists visiting the resident roos because of attacks on tourists.

I have the number for Hunter Wildlife Rescue (0418 628 483) and rescue workers Ann and Margaret, and I take my hat off to them for the work they do. I hope I never have to call them, but the worry now is about humans affected by roo over-population. The golf course being turned into something else will only make things worse.

- Steven Schreiber, Morisset

Bath Street opportunity

GONE. No longer Hirecraft Marina. Now to be 37 luxury apartments ("Start made on apartments",Lakes Mail, August 1). In 2016, Lake Macquarie City Council considered purchasing this Wharf Road site for public use since it recognised that Toronto needed more foreshore parkland. This did not eventuate. Now council proposes a six-storey, predominantly residential building at Bath Street (northern end) which would further reduce Toronto's public foreshore land. Other sites are available to council if it wishes to pursue such a potentially risky venture, and it could keep the Bath Street site as parkland.

- Nico Marcar, Carey Bay

No new coal-fired stations

MANY thanks to Richard Mallaby for his letter "Energy grid future" published in your August 1 edition. I fervently hope that AEMO's Integrated System Plan (ISP) is put into effect, ensuring that no new coal-fired generators are built. In the longer term, the inherent advantages of renewable power will only be fully realised when all generation is local, and the cost and inefficiencies of the grid are a thing of the past.

- Richard Edmonds, Balcolyn

Councillor a lone voice

IN his letter ("Fair go on foreshore", Lakes Mail, July 11) Henry Wellsmore of Carey Bay quotes that there are six Labor councillors and "several of the councillors" are supporting the Bath Street development under the Labor banner. All six Labor councillors support the development, as do all the Liberal, and Liberal Independent councillors. The only one of the 13 councillors on Lake Macquarie City Council who voted against the development in April, 2018, was the independent councillor, Wendy Harrison.

- Wendy Davidson, Toronto

Strange observation

STRANGE. All those who are in favour of abortion are already born. The only setback about abortion: it always proves fatal.

- Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

A 21st century selection

WE need a really super all-rounder for our men's Ashes side. The answer is obvious: we already have the world's best, it just happens she's female. Wouldn't it be in the spirit of the 21st century and equality to select Ellyse Perry on merit?

- Donald Matthews, Fennell Bay

Reaction to Eraring

IF Eraring ash dam is so unsafely located as to threaten nearby holiday sites beside Lake Macquarie and the road between Toronto and Morisset, surely the power station should be relocated or closed.

- George Paris, Rathmines

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