Letters to the editor: A shut-out in Morisset (June 27)

GAME OVER: Reader Maree Murdziak ponders the run of outs that has befallen the Morisset district recently, including the country club closure. Picture: David Stewart
GAME OVER: Reader Maree Murdziak ponders the run of outs that has befallen the Morisset district recently, including the country club closure. Picture: David Stewart

A shut-out in Morisset


Kangaroo viewing - CLOSED.

Morisset Swimming Pool - CLOSED.

Morisset Country Club - CLOSED.

Morisset turn-off from the M1? Don't bother. The township - CLOSED.

- Maree Murdziak, Bonnells Bay

No right to speculate

LAKE Macquarie City Council seems hell bent on a speculative, high-rise development on the foreshore at Bath Street, Toronto.

Surely this council is aware of the huge over supply of apartments statewide, and the very slow uptake of current apartment offerings in Toronto?

As ratepayers we expect prudent financial management by our local council in all of its undertakings. Council should have the good sense to admit that speculating/gambling (with other people's money) is not the right of any local government. Stop planning this unwanted, unjustifiable misuse of our money right now!

- Kate Elderton, Toronto

Numbers don't stack up

RECENT announcements concerning sustained falls in the property market, particularly for units in Sydney and Melbourne, combined with substantial rises in rental vacancies show the risky nature of real estate development.

According to SQM Research. the number of vacant properties in Sydney was 22,426 - a jump of 40 per cent over the past 12 months. This represents the highest vacancy rate since 2005. In addition, Sydney investors are suffering significant losses in their rental returns, especially unit returns, which have fallen by 2.8 per cent in the year to last December (Domain House Price Report).

In Toronto, we have seen delays in the commencement of a number of unit blocks with approved DA status. These buildings, if completed, will no doubt create a glut of units on the market - a situation not dissimilar to the Sydney experience, where developers are offering huge incentives to potential buyers to clear unit stock. Units in Toronto are not selling well at present, while at least two builders of Toronto apartment blocks have, in recent times, been forced into liquidation.

Lake Macquarie City Council is unwise to speculate with public money on such a potentially risky development as the proposed six-storey Bath Street apartment/commercial building, especially when ratepayers have so strongly expressed their wishes to activate this foreshore land as sensitively developed community parkland.

- Robert Ireland, Toronto

Last show in town

THE closing of Morisset Country Club and golf course is just another nail in the coffin for entertainment in Morisset and on the Morisset peninsula. And while there is no shortage of housing subdivisions going in and quick population growth, there is no development for entertainment and leisure activities.

A couple of small companies that provided cheaper transport from the peninsula to Morisset at night have closed, and the only thing left is a taxi service, if you can get them. There is also no UBER.

There are buses that run through the day, but maybe these could be extended to night time. If this happened, at least you could get to the station and catch a train and travel to somewhere that has entertainment.

Also, Lake Macquarie City Council should encourage and give incentives to companies such as Wests Leagues Club, in Newcastle, to expand to Morisset and the peninsula. This should be part and parcel of any further large housing developments in the area.

- Mark Spinks, Brightwaters

On crowd funding

THE decision to remove Israel Folau's crowdfunding page is making me think there really may be a God after all.

- Ian De Landelles, Murrays Beach

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