Morisset Fire and Rescue NSW station hoping to fill five vacancies with local recruits who have the right stuff

Morisset Fire and Rescue NSW is used to receiving calls for help from the community: this time the roles are reversed.

The station is looking for locals with the right stuff - and daytime availability - to join their ranks as retained (on call) firefighters.

There are at least five vacancies to fill.

Station officer Matt Bramall said retained firefighters came from all walks of life.

They include men and women tradies, professionals such as doctors, nurses and solicitors, as well as emergency services personnel such as police officers and ambulance paramedics.

But they share plenty in common.

"We're looking for people who are psychologically resilient, physically fit, self disciplined, respectful of authority, and team players," Station Officer Bramall said.

"These are people who have integrity and are committed to community service, and who can display courage in stressful situations."

They're called firefighters, but the role encompasses so much more than extinguishing blazes, he said.

Firefighters also respond to hazardous material incidents, floods and storms, and road crash rescues.

"Morisset Fire Station is responsible for 'primary rescue'," he said.

"This means it has a dedicated and accredited truck which is called upon in the rescue of people when they are trapped or injured in an accident."

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Firefighters also made educational visits to schools, performed home safety checks and hydrant inspections, and helped with local fire safety planning for businesses, he said.

Successful applicants would undergo eight days of training, held in two four-day blocks.

They will learn essential firefighting techniques, about the use of firefighting apparatus, as well as how to respond calmly, quickly and efficiently in an emergency.

Retained firefighters receive a fortnightly retainer, and are paid an hourly rate for every incident they attend, their training, and community engagement activities.

Retained firefighters could choose when to roster themselves to be on call, Station Officer Bramall said.

Apply online at or phone 4979 3799.

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