Letters to the editor (June 20)

OXYGEN FARM: Reader Carl Stevenson said Australia could have implemented a plan to pay farmers to plant trees to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
OXYGEN FARM: Reader Carl Stevenson said Australia could have implemented a plan to pay farmers to plant trees to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Should have chosen trees

A WHILE back, 20 years or more, when climate change was global warming and people were being told too much greenhouse gas was being created, the solar hot water heater was introduced to lower electricity bills which was also the start of rooftop solar panels, wind turbines and solar farms.

Someone in Parliament, not sure who, said why spend all this money to reduce our carbon footprint when growing trees in planted forests will do the same job? They suggested farmers could be paid to plant and maintain these forests of trees (which were referred to as oxygen farms). This idea was quick to hit the cutting room floor because the renewable market was taking off, with big dollars.

Up to this point most would have agreed that many factors could be creating extra carbon, but the renewable industry convinced many that coal-fired power stations were to blame. I still wonder why the Greens never took the green option, because if the oxygen farms were given a fair go, governments may have held onto and upgraded our power stations, giving them time and money for more important issues.

- Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek

A vote on all big issues

MP Greg Piper's front page mock-ups of a multi-level car-park for Morisset ('MP's car-park pitch',Lakes Mail, February 21) with others proposed for Fassifern and Wyee railway stations, are worthy contributions considering projected population growth. Bravo for starters! News on how the concepts have progressed within the Berejiklian government would be good.

The government's lazy $2-billion spend on a new stadium - not needed during times of fiscal restraint - could have been better spent on upgrading regional railway stations. Consider that many stations between Newcastle and Sydney do not have wheelchair access. Why not? Are the vested interests greater in marginal seats, perhaps? What about governing for all of NSW?

As usual, the people most affected do not get a say in how or where Treasury funds are spent. What would the electorate say if they were to have the opportunity for specific votes on the big issues rather than having to make an invidious choice between one side or the other of politics?

A general mandate from an election win is not to be construed as a series of specific mandates for every dubious policy decision. The undemocratic fallacy is that the general election mandate is automatically sub-divisible into a series of specific mandates minus a specific vote of the electorate.

- Jim Bailey, Dora Creek

Keep grey nomads on side

NOW we have a 40 per cent reduction in road tax on caravan rego, how about the next 60 per cent for us pensioners please? Makes sense to keep the nomads on side.

John Bradford, Beresfield

Pay rise for pollies

IT'S great to see that good ol' "have a go and you'll get a go" ScoMo and co have been gifted a pay rise of 10 grand or so. Nice to know the government is spending their dough on those they really care about though.

- Mac Maguire, Charlestown

Hear the call to revolt

COME ye and revolt against the obsession of having to endure really loud music in shops, surgeries, malls, cafes and even live musical shows in Sydney. It's all too loud. Does anyone agree with me?

- Sue Burrough, Carey Bay

Don't follow our lead

THERE have been rumours that Australia will help some countries with their internet infrastructure. Somebody should warn those countries not to accept the Turnbull "fibre to the node". It could set the national economy back for years.

- Peter Moylan, Glendale

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