Entries open for Lake Mac Strongman Inaugural Novice Competition in August 2019

THERE are plenty of sports where competitors will yell loudly attheir opponents in the heat of battle. Here's a sport where opponents regularly yell for their opponents.

Daniel Philpot is one of the co-founders of Lake Mac Strongman.

It's a not-for-profit club for people who have been "tempted to pick up a bunch of weird, heavy stuff and run around with it".

Unlike powerflifting which involves lifting barbells, strongman participants prefer to lift items such as sandbags, concrete balls, and beer kegs.

But that's not the end of it: then they like to move around with said items.

"Powerlifting is all about static lifting, with bench-presses, dead lifts and squats," Mr Philpot, of Belmont South, said.

"Strongman events involve lifting heavy things but then moving around with them, as well.

"It's almost like a cross between powerlifting and cross training."

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It's a concept best illustrated by the loading medley event.

"That's where competitors will pick up different items, such as sandbags, two kegs and an Atlas stone, and run to place them on a platform, all inside a time limit of 90 seconds," Mr Philpot said.

The loading medley will be one of the featured events at the Lake Mac Strongman Inaugural Novice Competition, in Swansea, on August 4.

Mr Philpot said it was an entry-level competition, and no previous experience was required by entrants.

"It's a competition designed for people who might have been thinking about giving the sport a go," he said.

There would be more than $2000 in prizes up for grabs, he said.

Events are split into weight divisions, for men and women.

Also among the interesting events will be the crucifix hold.

That's where competitors strive to lift weights connected to the end of chains, and hold them up in the crucifix position for the longest time.

Mr Philpot said it was an addictive sport with supportive camaraderie shared by training partners and competitors.

"It's a great sport, and in competition we compete against each other, but we cheer each other on," he said.

"I've been in competitions and had my opponents yelling at the top of their voice to encourage me. There's a lot of mateship there."

Lake Mac Strongman Inaugural Novice Competition will be held at Body 360 fitness centre, in Josephson Street, Swansea, on August 4.

Entries close on Sunday, June 30.

There will be free entry for spectators, who are encouraged to attend.

To enter, or to find out more about the sport, email lakemacstrongman@gmail.com or visit the Lake Mac Strongman page on Facebook.

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