Letters to the editor (June 13)

PROJECT: The Sunshine Reserve walkway and track was completed by Sunshine Progress Association with support from council and the federal government.
PROJECT: The Sunshine Reserve walkway and track was completed by Sunshine Progress Association with support from council and the federal government.

Nearing 25-year milestone

WHILE it is pleasing that Lake Macquarie Landcare has survived for 20 years, perhaps your readers would like to know that in September, Sunshine-Silverwater Landcare (formerly Southlake Landcare) will be celebrating its 25-year anniversary. This Landcare group was formed in 1994, by Ken Logan, and at the recommendation of Greg Piper. It initially operated under the auspices of Land Care Australia.

We also note that whilst Landcare is credited with building walkways, Lake Macquarie Landcare did not support our Landcare group in walkway and track construction. Fortunately, the third and final stage of the Sunshine Reserve walkway and track was undertaken, and completed, by Sunshine Progress Association. Financial and other support was provided by Lake Macquarie City Council. Other financial support came from the federal government, through MP Joel Fitzgibbon, and also from local residents.

- Julie and Kelvin Ward, Silverwater

Black Rock road block

THE future of the Black Rock Motor Park at Wakefield hinges on a possible rail bypass between Fassifern and Hexham for coal trains.

Considering the Greens are saying coal has a limited use, l would expect any further allocation of funds towards this passageway to be a waste of money, and by the time this passageway would be built we will be racing flying saucers.

But, if by chance it appears a possibility, l am sure the owners of the racing circuit could rearrange plans to accommodate a passenger train station, built by railways, as compensation for loss of land and costs involved.

- Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek

Why media was raided

WE now know why the media were raided this week. It was to stop them talking about our visit from our babysitters while our top politicians were out of the country. Also thank you workers who gave up your penalty rates so our politicians could have some more hard-earned wages for work they don't do. We may have stopped the boats, but we didn't stop the warships.

- Margrietha Owens, Cardiff

Tale of two councils

LAKE Macquarie City Council is busy building state-of-the-art playgrounds, fenced-off dog parks, new community halls and an updated sports complex, while Newcastle council is focusing on it's own needs like expensive moves to what is now the flash part of town, overseas junkets and photo opportunities. It's time they focused on what really matters - the needs of the community.

- Ruth Burrell, Merewether

Ash Barty a delight

I'M sure that the wonderful result of Ash Barty winning the French Open will be applauded world-wide. She is a delight to Australia. It is a pity that those two talented male Australian players can't get their act together and grow up.

- Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

What's left unspoken

WHEN our leading politicians go into our troops' camp overseas and get into photo shoots, patting them on the back, telling them what a good job they are doing .. there's something they don't say. What they don't say is 'don't come home wounded or mentally scarred because you will not get the support you need'. This is a disgrace and this government needs to fix it.

- Andy McFadden, Warners Bay

Averting a long storm

IF Rugby Australia had simply stated that they did not agree with Israel Folau but that he was entitled to his own beliefs, the controversy might have blown over in a week in my view.

- Jim Gardiner, New Lambton

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