The historical re-enactment group taking 'Game of Thrones' chivalry, horse play, archery and sword fighting to the world | photos

SINCE the television series Game of Thrones has ended, people have been keen to get their fill of sword fighting, archery and armour in real life.

Sasha Buchmann, of Martinsville, said it's part of the Game of Thrones effect being felt around the globe.

"One of the biggest impacts of Game of Thrones has been that people have realised that they are actually interested in the first place," Ms Buchmann said.

"They realise they're interested in the chivalry code, the archery, the fighting and the armour. And it's had a really big impact on sword combat."

So, inquiries at archery clubs were up, she said.

Visits to museums with exhibitions about the middle ages were up.

And Australia now even had a sword combat team which competed overseas.

The Game of Thrones effect has also kept Ms Buchmann busy.

She founded the 14th century jousting and medieval re-enactment group, Household of the Green Knight, at Cooranbong, in 2008.

The group teaches a range of skills featured in the TV show, competes, and takes part in historical re-enactments in Australia and abroad.

"One of the reasons you haven't heard a lot from us recently is because in the last three years we've actually done more overseas events than anything in Australia. But now we're back."

And the Game of Thrones effect is evident.

"A lot of people like the show, but they want to learn more about the real middle ages," she said.

"So I often get invited to Lions and Rotary club dinners to give talks about the middle ages."

Ms Bachmann has also worked with school groups.

She and her colleagues have even been booked to appear on horseback at birthday parties.

The equestrian grounds in Kings Road, Cooranbong, is where Ms Bachmann and her group meets to train.

New members (aged 16 and over) can explore ground fighting techniques, with swords and other weapons. There's archery, and even archery on horseback.

See the 'Household of the Green Knight' page on Facebook.

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