Crafting dreams in gem lakeside location

Toronto is a great town with a good community spirit.





Masterset Jewellers has been established at 25 The Boulevarde for just over 14 months with Jason heading up a team of manufacturing jewellers and craftsmen of fine jewellery.

Jason has been a trade-qualified and industry-recognised manufacturing jeweller for almost 30 years, and trained and has worked in Sydney and along the east coast for a handful of exclusive jewellers.

His passion for fine jewellery and becoming a finalist at the highly contested Australian Jewellers Association Jewellery Design Awards in 2017 motivated Jason to open a studio and workshop to showcase his own designs and workmanship.

Accompanied by Michael, a highly skilled, qualified and experienced jeweller, they enjoy transforming raw materials into beautiful bespoke jewellery built to last the test of time.

"We have a selection of gemstones from around the world that have been sourced ethically and are in their natural polished form rather than heat treated or artificially cultivated," Jason said.

Jason chose Toronto for his studio as the town has many successful small businesses and offers a great lifestyle and work balance.

"It just made sense to set up close to home and Toronto is a great town with a good community spirit," said Jason who grew up in the area and is raising a young family.

If you are looking for a jeweller that stands out from the rest, where nothing is sent off site, visit the craftsman at Masterset Jewellers or view their work on Instagram Masterset Jewellers.