Letters to the Lakes Mail: April 25

Plan looks to future

In mid-2017 the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), operators of the National Energy Grid (NEG), developed an Integrated System Plan (ISP).

The ISP was a detailed blueprint for the long-term future of the grid.

It was circulated to interested parties for comment, refined, and became the basis for the transformation that has occurred in NEG electricity generation and transmission since 2017.

Currently the AEMO are involved in a review of the ISP which includes modelling for a more rapid transformation to renewables, and quicker exit from coal, again in consultation with all industry members.

Importantly this call has come, not from climate activists or green groups, but from current fossil fuel generators and utilities.

MAKE IT COUNT?: Wendy Davidson from Toronto contends that an informal vote could be seen as a form of protest at the lack of worthy candidates.

MAKE IT COUNT?: Wendy Davidson from Toronto contends that an informal vote could be seen as a form of protest at the lack of worthy candidates.

Even the conservative Australian Energy Council (AEC), traditionally the principal lobby group for coal generators, states in its submission "the AEMO should include....a scenario where the electricity sector delivers deeper cuts (in CO 2 emissions) than currently contemplated".

The ISP review should be completed in August, and will determine the future of the grid over the next 20 years.

What a difference the last two years of renewables experience has made.

Richard Mallaby, Wangi Wangi

You just have to turn up

Neville Aubery of Wallsend says freedom to vote or not to vote should be the privilege of every citizen (Lakes Mail, Letters, April 4).

Actually producing a formal vote is not necessary, and is not supervised.

What you have to do is turn up at the voting venue, get your name marked off the electoral roll, receive the voting papers, and put those papers (suitably folded) into the receptacles provided.

You do not have to mark the papers, and nobody checks if you have marked the papers, so actually putting a formal vote into the receptacle is not compulsory.

Join those of us, up to 10 per cent in the local Commonwealth electorate of Charlton, who vote informal, some unintentionally and some intentionally.

Call it a protest vote if you like, a non-vote as in my opinion there is no candidate or party worth voting for.

So, going through the motions is compulsory, actually producing a formal vote is not.

Wendy Davidson, Toronto

Enough of Clive

You are absolutely right Clive!

Australia "ain't gonna cop it anymore"...and I'm referring to you and your annoying, monotonous, repetitive (too damn repetitive) adverts.

I do believe this assault on our senses is having exactly the opposite effect to which you desire.


You're doing my head in.

T Cummins, Bolton Point

Paradise almost lost

I'm so devastated our family decided to visit our childhood play ground at Catherine Hill Bay on last Sunday only to be confronted with utter destruction.

It seemed that the 4WDs had forced their way through the boom gates, left behind rubbish by the ton, dug an off-road course and made camp fires in the middle of sensitive bushland.

But it was the erosion that broke my heart.

Our family arrived at our beloved rock pool to snorkel only to find it was full of mud and every thing was dead.

The coral, the fish, octopus - the lot.

This area existed in pristine condition for billions of years only to be wiped our in the last two.

We need to find out who is responsible for protecting this area, it's nearly too late.

My grandchild missed out on seeing this magnificent area.

Shiralee Birrell, Mallabula