Letters to the editor

FOUNDER: Les Norris, centre, with Greg Riding, left, and John Olive at the 30th anniversary celebrations of Morisset Probus in 2013. Picture: Supplied
FOUNDER: Les Norris, centre, with Greg Riding, left, and John Olive at the 30th anniversary celebrations of Morisset Probus in 2013. Picture: Supplied

Tribute to Les Norris

THE founding member of Morisset Men's Probus Club, Les Norris, of Morisset, passed away on April 6.

On June 22, 1983, a meeting of interested persons was arranged by the Rotary Club of Morisset for the purpose of considering the formation of a Men's Probus Club in Morisset.

The driving force behind this move was Les Norris, then honorary secretary of Morisset Rotary Club. Les became the founding member of Morisset Men's Probus.

A funeral for Les was held on Monday, April 15, where a contingent of members attended and formed a guard of honour.

- Ron Bracken , Wangi Wangi

Ash dam solution

IF the authorities are serious about Myuna Bay Sport and Recreational Centre and don't have other plans in store, there are many simple solutions regarding fears of a possible flooding should an earthquake destroy the adjacent Eraring power station ash dam.

The simplest would be to build an earthen mound, cover it with grass, and build a usable building on top as an evacuation centre for flooding or any emergency situation, with warning via a hand-driven siren in case of power disruptions.

This warning system and evacuation centre would make the occupants safer than many local residents (including myself) living at and around the power station.

So where is the problem? Or is this just an excuse to shut down the power station and chase government subsidies for inferior but more profitable renewable projects?

- Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek

Electric car speedway

WITH some people advocating a speedway for Morisset, I am wondering what will happen as we move to increased use of electric vehicles.

Will we see Antique Motor Show-type programs showing off those old-fashioned petrol- and diesel-driven vehicles? Will we hear the younger generation asking why we put up with such noisy, polluting vehicles for so long?

- Eve Moyse, Dora Creek

Get to the Art House

I WOULD like to point out the Art House in Wyong is the multicultural theatre for performing arts of the Central Coast. And on Saturday, April 27, starting at 2.30pm, peoples from different parts of the world will tell their story in song, dance and music in the show called Multicultural Showcase.

Having seen this show last year, I urge people to go and see it. You will not regret it if you like music and dancing from different parts of the globe.

This theatre is well designed as the stage can be seen clearly from any seat in the house. The price to see the show is only $10 and $15.

Be Australian, go and see this show.

- Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

Camping at Rathmines

I AM a solo motorhome traveller and I belong to a solo group who love to camp around the Hunter. We are under the umbrella of the CMCA camping group nationally.

We were loving our camping at Rathmines. We would hire the scout hall and pay a nominal fee each night and for that we had a hot shower, toilet, and use of the hall. The scouts loved us being there as we contributed to their fundraising and always cleaned up. We also spent money at Rathmines Bowling Club, and booked our annual Christmas party there for about 50 people.

We had coffee at the local coffee shop, and we shopped at the butcher's, supermarket and gift shop. The locals loved us being there and would join us for a chat or coffee. We used the barbecue area and left it cleaner than we found it. We also played a part in stopping vandalism in Rathmines.

So why can't we go back to camping there? A win-win for everyone.

- Kay Burke, Balcolyn