Mayor's Message | Working together to unlock city's potential

Remember to get out and vote this Saturday in the NSW state election.

Polling officially opens from 8am on Saturday and closes at 6pm.

For a complete list of local polling locations, visit

The NSW state election comes at an important time for Lake Macquarie.

Our city is thriving, our population is increasing and our economy is as strong as ever.

However, to ensure Lake Macquarie reaches its full potential the city will need support from all levels of government and private industry.

In the past few years, the council has shown its ability to successfully partner and work with state and federal government to deliver key projects, as well as major organisations such as Hunter Water and leading education institutions like University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

No matter the outcome of Saturday's election, council is in a great position to closely partner with all our state members.

I am particularly looking forward to openly engaging with the elected members and discussing how we can work together to unlock the true potential of our wonderful city.

Over the next 20 years, planned major residential and commercial development will continue to shape Lake Macquarie's growth, led by the North West Catalyst Area.

So major road projects, infrastructure and the facilities, both community and recreational, to support our city's growth are all high on council's agenda for the future.

We have some amazing potential as a city.

We will continue to work with Dantia and all levels of government to take advantage of our enviable lifestyle and natural resources to position Lake Macquarie to attract investment through tourism, small and large business, education, health and technology.

It is a very exciting time for Lake Macquarie and we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Make sure you get out and vote on Saturday.

It is your chance to have your vote for who you want to represent your community at a state government level.

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