Election briefs: Libs vow to expand before- and after-school care

LIBERAL: Dean Bowman.

LIBERAL: Dean Bowman.

THE state government said if would invest $120 million to dramatically expand before- and after-school care, if it were re-elected on Saturday. The funding would give working families more access to affordable, convenient and flexible services. “We’ve worked hard to get our state’s budget back on track so we can take the pressure off your household budget,” Liberal candidate for Swansea, Dean Bowman, said.

Supercharge electric car roll-out

NSW Labor has vowed to "supercharge the roll-out of electric vehicles in NSW" if it wins the election. Labor would allocate $10 million for more fast charging stations, and would shift a quarter of government vehicles to electric. "Only Labor will put NSW at the forefront of the quickly emerging electric vehicle industry," Yasmin Catley, the member for Swansea and Shadow Minister for Innovation, said.

A vote for the animals

ANIMAL Justice Party said it was for voters disillusioned by major parties and who wanted to "give their vote to the animals". Animal Justice candidates Laurance Taranto (Lake Macquarie) and Julia Riseley (Swansea) said theirs was the only party whose primary objective was advocating for stronger laws against animal cruelty. The party's core values were kindness, equality and rationality, they said.