NSW Business Chamber Central Coast lists what's needed for small business to invest, upskill, and employ

NSW Business Chamber Central Coast has urged locals to consider the importance of local small businesses when casting their vote at the state election.

Regional NSW had become a key battleground in the election, fuelled by a sense that regions hadn't received their "fair share", the chamber's regional manager Paula Martin said.

"We need measures that encourage businesses right across the state to invest, upskill, and employ. Which is why the NSW Business Chamber will, through our Keeping NSW Number 1 campaign, recommend our five main pillars to build confidence," she said. The pillars are:

  • skilling NSW for the future and tackling youth unemployment;
  • cutting energy costs for NSW businesses and residents;
  • improving the delivery of major infrastructure;
  • protecting NSW from natural disasters; and
  • improving transport connectivity across the Central Coast.

"Before you vote, I’d encourage you to find out more about the NSW Business Chamber’s policy ideas for NSW by visiting www.nswnumber1.com.au," Ms Martin said.

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