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WASTE WATCH: Two letter writers this week report council's three-bin waste collection service is working fine for them. They've offered some tips. Picture: Supplied
WASTE WATCH: Two letter writers this week report council's three-bin waste collection service is working fine for them. They've offered some tips. Picture: Supplied

Three-bin system works

WE can’t understand people’s concerns with Lake Macquarie City Council's three-bin system of waste collection, unless they have children in nappies, or cats.

Cat droppings and hard shells of molluscs are not acceptable in the green bin, but the shells can be rinsed out and/or frozen and put in the garbage bin just before collection.

Everything else likely to attract flies or vermin can go out on a weekly basis in the green bin, as long as you use the compostable bags. You might need to rinse out the containers or packaging this sort of materials came in, before placing in garbage bin for fortnightly collection.

We did have a maggot problem with our large dog’s copious droppings, even with green bags and weekly pickup. We solved this by purchasing a cheap plastic container, sealed with a clip on lid. The droppings go in compostable bags, and into this container until just before pickup, then into the green bin.

Any other items likely to attract problems within the week could be treated in similar fashion. All we can suggest for nappies is opt in to the extra collection until the children are out of nappies, then opt out.

- Caryl and Richard Mallaby, Wangi Wangi

Selling off shore things

THE first female lord mayor of Newcastle and in Australia, Alderman Joy Cummings, famously originated many innovative improvements to our region. One of her most popular and outstanding concepts was the Foreshore Plan to turn all Newcastle Foreshore into parks and gardens from Nobbys to Wickham.

Soon after work began on the project, I recall property speculators called a halt and proposed the construction of a hotel in the middle of the foreshore. This was loudly rejected by more than 90 per cent of Newcastle citizens as reported in a Newcastle Herald survey of public opposition to the intrusion of any building on the foreshore at the time.

The developers had the ear of government, resulting in the minister overriding the Newcastle people’s wishes and Newcastle City Council’s authority, resulting in the construction of the former Crowne Plaza hotel, now Rydges.

Once the ice was broken, it didn’t take long for many more projects to burgeon to negate Cr Cummings’ plan until it became virtually non-existent.

The Newcastle that might have been an international treasure to behold has since become a sad memory of its potential and is in my opinion now no more than another budding Gold Coast, a developer's delight. Like water being wrung from a stone, I believe the developers now need to find new foreshores and targets to continue their ambitions.

Those who don’t heed the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. Enjoy the beauty of Toronto foreshore while we still can, for it seems it is now the latest target of property speculators and the first building on the foreshore to become the first straw on the camel’s back.

- George Paris, Rathmines

Bin system is fine

THE current Lake Macquarie bin system is working fine. Up until a couple of months ago, our biggest problem was the general waste bin kept blowing over as there was very little in it. Then our two grand-daughters both nappied up and their parents moved in with us whilst between selling and buying property.

Now we have something to weigh down a general waste bin. We have four adults, two grandkids in nappies and never a problem, as the soiled nappies are sealed in purpose-made bags.

If you have maggots in your general waste bin, I think you are doing something wrong. Household waste is our problem and we need to manage it at the source. Lake Macquarie council has given us the avenue to do it.

- Michael Hale, Jewells

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