Nine life lessons from reality hit Married at First Sight

Just some of the key characters on MFAS. Photos: Supplied
Just some of the key characters on MFAS. Photos: Supplied

Hi, I’m Bec, and I’m a Married at First Sight tragic. 

I know I’m not the only one on the NSW South Coast! Seems to be the talk of the office every morning after the show.

I believe there’s always a bit of treasure in trashy, reality TV. 

SMITTEN: Lauren and Matthew. Picture: Nine

SMITTEN: Lauren and Matthew. Picture: Nine

1. Good guys really do exist

Matthew, all of Australia loves you.

One week in and Lauren has fallen in love with you. She says, “He would put me first, before anything.”

Matthew can express his feelings about his partner, and, even when pressed, will keep the most intimate details of their relationship under lock and key.

Yeah, good guys who are available might be rare, but if you’re single and looking don’t give up.

2. If you’re going to bring up an issue with your partner, do so when you’re sober.

We all know the devil’s drop can bring out the worst in us.

Poor Jessika learnt pretty quickly that Mick has zero tolerance for drunken rants. While he may have been in the wrong, she shot herself in the foot by screaming and blubbering at him. Her point was lost in the delivery.

Mick slept in the other room, packed his bag and was ready to leave. Instead of fighting back in the heat of the moment, he chose to confront her in the morning. 

And Jessika seemed to appreciate his maturity, and recognised she had some growing to do.

3. Men are from Mars…

Heidi’s alpha male Mike had no clue what he was in for at the commitment ceremony.

Sustained by their physical connection, little did he know Heidi was less than impressed with their emotional connection, or lack thereof.

Heidi and Mike

Heidi and Mike

And did anyone else throw up in their mouth when he said, for the second time that episode, “I’ve been sleeping like a baby, let’s put it that way”?

Yuck, mate. 

Thankfully, he’s been paired with someone assertive enough to pull him up on it.

4. If it starts badly, chances are it’s not going to improve.

Elizabeth...pack your bags and leave.

God knows why Elizabeth is staying. Picture: Nine

God knows why Elizabeth is staying. Picture: Nine

You cried on day two of your marriage, Sam wasn’t there to console you. In fact, he was missing in action (with his ex) for nearly a week, and to rub salt in the wound he didn’t return contact when you reached out and bravely tried to call him.

You’re staying because you want to get to know where he’s coming from? You want to give it a go? See what he’s actually like?

Trust your instincts, mate, and leave him before he does any more damage.

5. If you’re above the age of seven, saying, “WHATEVER” during a fight isn’t cute.

Sam. Picture: Nine

Sam. Picture: Nine

And it’s not going to help your cause.

Sam, we’re looking at you. Dramas only escalate when you add hostility and passive aggression into the mix.

6. Struggling to connect? Be vulnerable with your partner. 

If you’re struggling to connect, talk about what’s going on. 

Nick didn’t know why Cyrell was pushing him away, until she admitted her domineering behaviour was due to a fear of abandonment. Nick appreciated her honesty.

Cyrell has been paired with an understanding, patient man in Nick.

Whatever the outcome, I think she’s in safe hands. 

Cyrell. Picture: Nine

Cyrell. Picture: Nine

7. Agree or disagree with your partner, you need to have their back.

Mick, we all know alpha male Mike was throwing around nasty comments about your partner, Jessika.

You think it’s not your battle? 

Maybe not. But smart people with happy partners always offer their support.

Whether you overheard Mike’s tripe or not, it wouldn’t have hurt to sit down beside your partner, put your arm around her chair, and show your support when she confronted him.

At the end of the day, you’re going home with Jessika, not Mike. ​

Jessika and Mick. Picture: Nine

Jessika and Mick. Picture: Nine

8. Being polite isn’t that hard. Unless you’re Ines.

She is condescending, she operates without a filter, and she appears to be genuinely delighted when others are experiencing trials.

Ines disparages Bronson, someone she hardly knows, to the extent it’s uncomfortable to watch.

“I wanted to fall in love, I didn't expect it to be with THAT.”

“I’m sick of having this liability attached to me.”

“Do you want him? Take him.”

Wow, just wow. Leave her, Bronson. It’s emotional abuse. 

9. Don’t let superficial things get in the way.

Jules and Cam. Picture: Nine

Jules and Cam. Picture: Nine

Before Jules met Cam, she indicated height was important – she was hoping her groom would be tall.

Cam’s no beanstalk. I have a sneaking suspicion he’s shorter than Jules.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a deal-breaker.

Their relationship is nothing short of gorgeous to watch.

“It’s been fantastic from the moment we met,” Jules said at the commitment ceremony.

“I feel like he was tailor-made for me; trustworthy, honest an all-round good egg.”