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Still waiting for amenities

COMING SOON: An artist's impression of how the new amenities block at Caves Beach might look. The new facilities can't come quickly enough for one reader.

COMING SOON: An artist's impression of how the new amenities block at Caves Beach might look. The new facilities can't come quickly enough for one reader.

A NEW amenities block was planned to be ready and open at Caves Beach this summer. This was to replace old amenities which were (and had been for years) dirty and poorly maintained.

This much-needed facility is nowhere near finished and, instead, we have two temporary demountables (male and female) each consisting of two showers and three toilets.

These are supposed to cater for the many hundreds of people who come to this beautiful and popular beach each and every day over the summer holidays.

As well as locals, many visitors come from Sydney and overseas. This beach is also popular as an outing for those living in retirement villages and for those with disabilities who live in supported care.

On the days I have been to Caves Beach this season with my children and grandchildren these temporary facilities have been in a sickeningly dirty state.

There are no facilities at all for those with a disability.

I have emailed and phoned the council with my concerns regarding the total inadequacy and filthy state of these facilities and the health concerns they present. Nothing has changed regarding them.

Council should perhaps consult with the Central Coast Council about how they manage their amenity blocks which are always clean and well maintained, even at the busiest of their beaches.

- L Ruffle, Balcolyn

Founded on racism

NO place for racism in our nation, say Australian leaders condemning the rally in Melbourne’s St Kilda. You must be joking! The British Empire and Australian society was founded on racism, pillaging, murder, and genocide. Australian history is littered with the dead. Just ask the original inhabitants of this continent. 

- Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

Shifting mood on spanners

IN the mid-afternoon heat of the day before New Year’s Eve, a young man rushed into Wangi Hardware saying that he needed to borrow a large shifter (spanner) as he was having trouble with the winch on his boat at the boat ramp.

He took a shifter spanner and combination spanner – both best-quality Fuller brand, made in Canada. He said he’d return them “in about 15 minutes” and dashed off.

Now one week later I’m still waiting for the 15 minutes and the return of the items.

They were lent in the spirit of the season of goodwill. (I usually record a person’s driver’s licence if I lend anything.)

I had been resting at the back of the store due to the heat. Also, at this time of year I am a bit unsettled as that Sunday, December 30, was the 10th anniversary of my husband’s death.

Those who remember Clive Clark will recall that he would have been most likely to go and help the man fix the winch problem himself.

Hopefully, if the fellow has forgotten about the spanners and/or is feeling embarrassed about the time lapse he will bring them back.

Also, to everyone who came and supported us at our Christmas mini pop-up market, thank you.

-  Sonja Dyke-Clark, Wangi Hardware

Hardly harmless

IN his letter 'Nuclear power solution' (Lakes Mail, December 13) Carl Stevenson asserts that nuclear power will not harm the environment. l totally disagree. 

Harm to the environment most often occurs when human-produced wastes overwhelm the environment's capacity to absorb them and render them harmless.

A good current example of this is plastic waste in the oceans.

Nuclear power produces waste so toxic that it has to be stored in sealed containers and buried underground for thousands of years.

- Richard Edmonds, Balcolyn

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