Letters to the editor

COUNCIL LAND: Council's Wes Hain and Kate Cramp at the site under consideration for a multi-storey residential and tourist development in Toronto. Picture: David Stewart
COUNCIL LAND: Council's Wes Hain and Kate Cramp at the site under consideration for a multi-storey residential and tourist development in Toronto. Picture: David Stewart

Listen to community

TWO important roles for councillors are “to represent the collective interests of residents, ratepayers and the local community” and “to facilitate communication between the local community and the council” (from the Councillor Handbook, Office of Local Government, 2017).

So, why aren’t councillors listening when the community says it doesn’t want to see high-rise on Toronto’s public foreshore area on Bath Street adjacent to the RMYC? It is simply inappropriate and contravenes council’s development control plan (DCP).

There is no need to progress to a development application (DA). Council has previously indicated that public foreshore near the Toronto Town Centre is too constrained. Much better to have the whole foreshore as community parkland. 

A foreshore masterplan is now being developed by council for community consultation.  Why can’t development contributions funds previously earmarked for the purchase of the lifestyle marina (but now to be a four-storey apartment complex) be used for the whole of the Toronto foreshore upgrades and beautification? 

- Nico Marcar, Carey Bay

Groundswell building

IS Lake Macquarie City Council aware of the groundswell of opposition to council’s proposed multi-storey building planned for the waterfront end of Bath Street, Toronto? More and more local residents are becoming shocked and alarmed as they learn of council’s intentions.

Various concerned groups are organising meetings to discuss councils’ proposal. There is serious concern for the safety of the children attending the local Toronto Public School. Increased traffic, pollution and congestion will be intensified in a previously quiet and peaceful and safe locality.

Why wasn’t local community acceptance of the proposal sought by council?

- Gwenda Roberts, Toronto

HELE doesn’t stack up

THE Nationals want Australia to build a modern high efficiency coal fired power station, but in April 2018 energy analysts predicted a HELE (high efficiency, low emissions) power station would cost $3 billion to build, drive up energy prices, and construction would take eight years.

Energy economist, Bruce Mountain, is adamant a HELE coal plant “absolutely will not reduce energy costs”. “Electricity produced by wind and solar, with comparably reliable supply, would probably be about 30 per cent cheaper than that produced by the most efficient coal-fired power plants in Australia” he added. “A high efficiency coal plant, which required high pressures and high temperature turbine blades, would produce even more expensive electricity”.

In eight years it would enter a market with higher levels of even cheaper renewable generation; able to outbid a HELE plant, forcing it to regularly ramp generation up and down. 

- Richard Mallaby, Wangi Wangi

Wangi meeting plan

AFTER an absence of more than 50 years I have returned to live in Arcadia Vale. As I approach my 75th birthday I am conscious of the need to pass a medical examination each year to renew my driver’s licence.

My thinking was, well, if I lose my driving licence I will get myself a battery-powered mobility scooter. I could then enjoy a nice ride along the foreshore to Wangi village, the supermarket, and the doctor’s practice.

Much to my dismay I have learnt that the medical practice in French Road will soon close, necessitating a trip to either Dora Creek, Toronto or Morisset to see a doctor. That’s a long way on a mobility scooter!

I would like to meet with others who are troubled by a Wangi with no doctor; I don’t have any answers but maybe a meeting of like minds can find solutions. I invite locals to meet me on the footpath outside the closed French Road practice at 3pm, on Thursday, August 30, for a discussion. I can also be contacted at polsen@iinet.net.au

- Phillip Olsen, Arcadia Vale