City switching on to the future

On Monday, we took a significant step in our City’s digital transformation. The federal Minister for Infrastructure and Cities, Paul Fletcher, was in Lake Macquarie to turn on the City’s new Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN)

LoRaWAN is a low-cost, long-range wireless platform that allows devices and databases to communicate with each other using a sensor system. It has great application in a range of industry sectors, where improved information flow can enhance productivity, efficiency and service delivery.

The scale and capacity of our network is significant by national and international, standards, covering 650 square kilometres, which encompasses all of the populated areas of Lake Macquarie.

Establishing a network with this capability sends a strong signal to business – in our City and beyond – that we not only welcome technological innovation, but we actively seek it out.

It will give our City a competitive advantage in attracting and supporting the kind of businesses that will boost our growing digital economy. For the community, this network will improve the delivery of services by Council and private operators, making an already a great place to live even better.

I am very proud to be Mayor of a forward-thinking City that chooses to lead, rather than follow, when it comes to adopting new-generation technology for the benefit of its communities.

Games heading to Hunter

It was a great pleasure last week to join colleagues from Newcastle City Council, along with deaf sports athletes and officials, to announce the success of our joint bid to bring the Australian Deaf Games to our two cities in 2022. (See picture)

The launch was a very vibrant event and the enthusiasm of the athletes and officials for the Games was infectious. The Chair of the 2018 Australian Deaf Olympics organising committee, Alex Jones, gave an uplifting and passionate speech about the importance of the Games to those in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and expressed their excitement about bringing the Games to our region.

I am very much looking forward to welcoming more than 1000 athletes, as well as supporters and officials, to Lake Macquarie and Newcastle in four years’ time for what I think will be memorable week of sporting and social activities.