Suzi Quatro to headline Red Hot Summer Tour gig at Kariong on March 9, 2019 | photos

The line-up for the 2019 Red Hot Summer Tour was announced this week, with Suzi Quatro headlining a cracking array of Australian acts.

The Angels, Baby Animals, The Screaming Jets, Jon Stevens, Moving Pictures and Chocolate Starfish will make this nine-gig tour one for punters to remember.

Moving Pictures guitarist and songwriter, Garry Frost, was part of the inaugural Red Hot Summer Tour Series earlier this year.

He said it was a remarkable gathering of musicians who created something magic for festival crowds around the country.

“After we did the last show this year, they [the promoter] said ‘Do you want to do it again next year?’ and we all just went ‘Yes!’, Frost said.

The Lakes Mail asked Frost what it was really like being on the road with so many musical heavyweights, and sharing spaces with them back stage.

“It’s seriously just like a really happy, low-key party,” he said.

“It’s a bunch of, well… let’s be kind and say ‘middle aged’ people who have been doing this for a long, long time.

“There’s no egos. It’s quite amazing.”

Frost said the hectic travel schedules for the tour meant that his chances to jam with members of the other bands were rare, but always enjoyed.

Frost said his connections with the Australian acts on the card extended back to the 1970s, but this year was his first opportunity to meet Quatro and see her perform.

And he was seriously impressed.

“She was lovely. She is just so gracious and it was a pleasure to spend time with her and watch her still doing wonderful performances on stage.”

Frost said seeing your favourite band up close at a pub gig was one thing. But the energy that crowds generated at large festival gigs was like nothing else.

“There’s 8000 people partying. That’s what it is,” he said.

“I’ll often walk out into the crowd to watch the other bands perform, and the vibe in the crowd is just sensational.”

The Red Hot Summer Tour hits Mount Penang Parklands, at Kariong, on Saturday, March 9. Ticket prices start at $119.90. Visit

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