Australian Dance Theatre to perform 'The Beginning of Nature' at The Art House, Wyong, on June 18 | photos | video

AUSTRALIAN Dance Theatre is returning to The Art House, in Wyong, on Monday, to perform The Beginning of Nature.

ADT made its debut performance at the venue last year with Be Your Self.

It was the first professional performance of contemporary dance that I’d seen live on stage, and I was spellbound.

If you’ve struggled to watch an entire episode of So You Think You Can Dance or even Dancing With The Stars on TV, don’t let that put you off seeing ADT in action.

There’s no competition. No critical commentary. No dancer’s telling their back story. And no story, really, on stage, to follow.

Just sit back and allow the world-class dancers, light show and soundscape take you on a mesmerising journey.

ADT artistic director and choreographer Garry Stewart said The Beginning of Nature was the first of his ‘Nature Series’ of works.

“This work looks at human beings as part of materials of nature, rather than being separate to nature,” he said.

“Fundamentally, it looks at rhythmic processes in nature and how we live with this symphony of overlapping and complex rhythmic structures.

“Day and night. The tides. The seasons. And also rhythms within our bodies.”

The show features two vocalists live on stage, and the haunting score combines electronica, strings and a libretto sung in the indigenous Kaurna language of the Adelaide Plains.

It all combines to create an eerie, primordial soundscape that speaks of misty swamps and ancient forests.

“And to hear that language, that is tens of thousands of years old, is just spine chilling,” Stewart said.

ADT recently toured the show in Amsterdam where local dance theatre executives declared the ADT dancers “epic”.

“Our dancers really are some of the best in the world – beautifully expressive and all unique,” he said.

Stewart’s advice to first-time audiences was simple.

“It’s a performance that can just wash over you. The best way to experience it is simply sit back and allow the dancers to impact on you.”

The Beginning of Nature will be performed at The Art House, Wyong, at 8pm on Monday, June 18. Ticket prices range from $25 to $49. 

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