Letters to the editor

LAKEFRONT: The site of the proposed development off Victory Parade in Toronto. Council sees it as a catalyst site for residential, tourist and commercial activity.
LAKEFRONT: The site of the proposed development off Victory Parade in Toronto. Council sees it as a catalyst site for residential, tourist and commercial activity.

No mention of scale

OUR mayor, Cr Kay Fraser, has extolled the potential gains from council’s proposals for the northern end of the Toronto foreshore (“Potential gains from Toronto proposal”, Lakes Mail, May 3). 

But, there is no mention of the scale of the proposed residential/tourist development (4 to 6 levels, against it’s own planning guidelines, probably two buildings), impacts on local views, and potential traffic disruption, nor that this would be next to a private DA for over 120 residential units on Cary Street. 

It is in council’s own interests to consult with community groups early, not later, and seek our feedback and other ideas for enhancing tourist, cultural and recreational appeal, which could bring socio-economic benefits.

Community foreshore and open-space land near the town centre is at a premium and will be needed more in the future. The Toronto foreshore master plan (2018/19) is also being developed. So, why the urgency from council, and where’s the integration?

More and varied development will be required as Toronto’s population grows, but please, in the right places.

- Nico Marcar, Toronto

Three areas of concern

I HAVE three concerns about Bonnells Bay. I have been on the safety committee for six years at Wyong Shire Council, and I am concerned about the safety around Bonnells Bay Public School. The problem is parking our car to drop off and pick up our children.

We need to cross to the other side of the street [on Morisset Park Road] and there is no pedestrian crossing or a traffic control person to stop the traffic, like they have on the other side of the school [on Fishery Point Road]. Also, every afternoon a lot of cars still park in the no-parking area, making it very hard to see the traffic.

The second concern I have is about where we have lived at Station Street, Bonnells Bay, for 20 years. We still have no concrete footpath or a kerb, and this causes a major problem when we got heavy rain.

The third concern I have is about the high speed of traffic in the area. We need at least a speed hump.

- Michael Langlade, Bonnells Bay

Not too late for bypass

I AM with Pip Mason, of Mandalong, and his call for a Morisset bypass (“Bypass a better option”, Letters, Lakes Mail, May 10).

For many years our family has talked about a bypass from the golf course area over to the traffic lights at the intersection of Fishery Point Road and Station Street – or even directly to the intersection with Morisset Park Road, as part of the huge growth plan for the peninsula area.

Forget the traffic lights at the Fishery Point Road and Macquarie Street intersection. With the huge number of houses added to the peninsula in the last 30 years or so, forward planning shows a bypass would have been, and still is, the best option. Bite the bullet and get the major road in, rather than doing tiny little bits and pieces in Morisset. If we add up the cost of these bits and pieces, it would have been far cheaper to put the money into a major fix-it-all road years ago. It is not too late to get this done now.

Morisset’s Dora Street is a total disaster area now with traffic backed up to the freeway exit on many occasions, as well as those trying to exit Fishery Point Road in the early hours of the morning, trying to get to work.

Please free up the main town centre so shoppers don’t cringe and go elsewhere to do their shop on the way home from work.

- Corinne Knopper, Cooranbong

Let’s move on

IT HAS been run and won (well lost), there is no point in bringing up the A-League grand final every day. At the end of the night, the Jets didn't score a goal in the remaining 83 minutes. Yes, it sucks, but it's time for all of us to move on.

- Ronnie James, Teralba