Lake Macquarie City Council to replace ageing F Jetty at Rathmines at a cost of $800,000 | photos

LAKE Macquarie City Council has started work to replace the ageing F Jetty at Rathmines.

The jetty – named for its distinctive F shape – is expected to re-open to the public by August.

The replacement jetty will cost about $800,000 and will maintain the current shape and appearance of the F Jetty.

“It will be built from more durable materials that will require less maintenance, with an expected lifespan of at least 50 years,”  a spokesperson for the council said.

Mayor Kay Fraser said boating was an integral part of the Lake Macquarie lifestyle.

“There is nothing better than being on Lake Macquarie on a sunny day, and council is pleased to make a day out on our pristine lake even more accessible and enjoyable,” she said.

“The upgraded jetty at Rathmines will provide a modern structure but will still keep the original layout and appearance of the F-shape for heritage purposes.

“This is a very popular jetty and council is pleased to be able to improve its condition and bring it up to modern standards, to allow continued use for years to come.”

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