Lake Macquarie City Council writes to Central Coast Council over airport concerns

Central Coast Airport, at Warnervale. Picture: David Stewart
Central Coast Airport, at Warnervale. Picture: David Stewart

LAKE Macquarie City Council has resolved to write to the neighbouring Central Coast Council reiterating its concern about the impacts of any expansion of Central Coast Airport, at Warnervale.

If Central Coast Council considers any upgrades to allow larger aircraft to use the facility or increase flight numbers, LMCC has requested that a communication plan be implemented to provide LMCC, landowners and residents in the area from Wyee to Morisset and Wangi Wangi at least 60 days to comment.

A report to councillors said there been proposals over 20 years to upgrade the airport to allow larger aircraft and to increase the total number of flights into and out of the facility.

“The Warnervale Aiport Restrictions Act 1996 was enacted as a result of community concern, including [from] Lake Macquarie Council and residents of West Ward,” the report said.

“The Act requires independent noise assessments and consultation with the Warnervale and Wyong communities, and Ministerial approval, for any upgrades.”

The most recent concern for LMCC comes from the latest proposal for a Central Coast aviation hub.

“The proposal includes expansion of runways to allow larger aircraft to utilise the facility and an overall increase in flight numbers,” the report said.

Central Coast Airport, Warnervale. Picture: David Stewart

Central Coast Airport, Warnervale. Picture: David Stewart

“The flight path for approaches and take-offs from the airstrip are directly over parts of southern Lake Macquarie, potentially affecting homes, businesses, recreation and biodiversity areas in the Lake Macquarie LGA.

“The Central Coast Council has currently resolved to discontinue action on this proposal, however, some members of the council have undertaken to progress the proposal at any opportunity.”

The report finished with a pointed reference to the perceived lack of communication from Central Coast Council with LMCC about the airport.

“On previous occasions when there were proposals to upgrade this facility, despite the potential impacts on residents of Lake Macquarie, Lake Macquarie Council were not consulted,” the report concluded. 

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