Letters to the editor

TEST FLIGHT: Two correspondents reckon letter writer Carl Stevenson has underestimated the sound to be generated by helicopters at Trinity Point. Picture: David Stewart
TEST FLIGHT: Two correspondents reckon letter writer Carl Stevenson has underestimated the sound to be generated by helicopters at Trinity Point. Picture: David Stewart

Chopper plan ‘ridiculous’

I WRITE in response to the letter (“Keep chopper concerns real”, Lakes Mail, February 8).

Firstly I, too, have had experiences with the rescue helicopter. I lived about 800 metres from where it lands at Singleton Hospital. It used to come in at all hours of the day and night.

At night time, the noise would nearly lift you out of the bed. And it was impossible to sleep until it had made its pick-up and taken off again.

I am still trying to fathom why your correspondent, Mr Stevenson, a person who resides at Dora Creek, is so protective of this helipad proposal. 

I live directly looking at the marina, and was here when all the helicopter noise trials were carried out, and I am sure that I don't want a helicopter flying in and out on a full-time basis. There is an airfield at Cooranbong. Let them land there and limo the clients to the place. Also, the helipad is attached to the marina. Would anyone like to be sitting on a boat next to it on a windy day when it comes in to land?

The whole proposal is ridiculous, and that is for real.

- Mark Spinks, Brightwaters

No to helicopter noise

IN response to Carl Stevenson’s letter (“Keep chopper concerns real”, Lakes Mail, February 8) regarding helicopter noise at the Trinity Point site.

The noise of any chopper, be it the Westpac rescue helicopter, or a commercial chopper, flying over your house, and hovering or landing, creates enormous noise.

I live close to the Trinity Point development and do not want the helicopter landing pad situated there. I live in a tranquil, peaceful part of Lake Macquarie and I would like to keep it that way.  Already the Trinity Point development has caused me enough headaches in terms of dust and increased boat movement causing erosion. I say a definite no to noisy helicopters.

- Leanne Molenaar, Brightwaters

Morisset fuel prices

WHY are fuel prices around Morisset so much more expensive?

Today, February 12, prices for unleaded in Morisset range from 138.7 cents per litre to 147.9 cents per litre.

Yet the price at the Metro Tuggerah is 119.9 cents. At the Metro & United, North Wyong, it is 118.9 cents. And there are lots more selling fuel at prices considerably less than those on offer around Morisset. This is typical of every day, and any day.

Don’t put up with it. 

- A Muldoon, Bonnells Bay

A rap for Bay Hotel

SO, people are driving from Gosford to cash their cans at Bonnells Bay. The Bay Hotel management certainly deserve commendation for providing this service to West Lake Mac residents.

- Bob Jay, Bonnells Bay

Fix it once, fix it right

WHY does Lake Macquarie City Council persist on using the ‘spray and sprinkle’ system of repair on main roads?

What was once a smooth surface is now rough as guts. Even the dips and hollows are not filled or evened out.

I know they can do better, as they have done in my street which recieved a hot mix make over for which l am truly grateful.

My point is if the spray and sprinkle system is all the budget allows, why not wait to next year’s budget and do it with hot mix?

The fact that council displayed signs warning drivers to reduce their speed to restrict windscreen and paint damage shows council is fully aware of my concerns.

I believe most people would agree with my suggestion. And simply stretching the length of road resurfacing, to meet targets, and using inferior methods, doesn't fool anyone.

As an apprentice I was told if you can't do it right, don't do it at all.

- Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek