Central Coast Council partners with Toxfree to maximise e-waste recycling and reduce electronics in landfill

FUTURE TECH: Toxfree uses a new Swiss method to recycle modern e-waste.
FUTURE TECH: Toxfree uses a new Swiss method to recycle modern e-waste.

Central Coast Council has teamed up with new e-waste contractor Toxfree in a bid to maximise recycling for electronic waste, and with aims to reduce the amount ending up in landfill.

The partnership will see more e-waste items accepted through the recycling system, and Mayor Jane Smith has encourage all residents to take advantage of the new changes in the free service.

“E-waste can pose major problems when not disposed of correctly, with toxic chemicals such as mercury and lead causing possible pollution and contamination,” Mayor Smith said. “Through this new engagement, residents can now drop off up to 15 household e-waste items at either of our Waste Management Facilities at Jilliby or Woy Woy.”

“Previously we were required to pay for e-waste items to be recycled, but now Council is being paid with funds able to be redirected towards community assets and services. With Toxfree more of the items parts are also being recycled including circuit boards, plastic and metals, reducing the impact on our landfills.

“It has never been easier for our community to ensure e-waste is disposed of responsibly.”

Part of the process through Toxfree utilises a brand-new BluBox process, which breaks down modern e-waste items through Swiss technological advancements.

Items like flat panel displays, smart phones, laptops and new e-waste items found in modern households can all be processed in a packed 40 foot container.

The process uses an innovative system to break down and separate parts including the extraction of mercury from LCD back-lighting tubes. 

“This new system has come on at the perfect time following Christmas,” Mayor Smith said.

“I would like to remind residents if they did receive any new electronics for Christmas to dispose of unused electronic items responsibly by taking advantage of this free service.”

To find out which e-waste materials are accepted by the new council partnership can be found at centralcoast.nsw.gov.au/ewaste.