Clean Up Australia Day founder Ian Kiernan is calling on Lake Macquarie to break their 2017 clean-up records

Clean Up Australia Day is once again on the horizon, and with it comes a chance to make sure Lake Macquarie residents can do their part to reduce the “8 million tonnes of plastic entering oceans worldwide each year”.

This year the environmental awareness movement will be held on Sunday, March 4.

The national day is the perfect way to get involved in environmental clean-up, chairman and founder of Clean Up Australia Ian Kiernan said, and he believes it’s the responsibility of all locals to “take responsibility for the small pieces of rubbish that are dumped irresponsibly in the local environment”.

“The key is stopping litter becoming rubbish,” Mr Kiernan said. “If everyone took responsibility for the small stuff, it wouldn’t steamroll into the environmental disaster we are facing in the state of our oceans and waterways.”

“Signing up for 2018 Clean Up Australia Day is the ideal way for every Australian to take a positive position - lots of small actions like picking up local rubbish can help reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic entering oceans worldwide each year.”

“We can all play a part by simply caring for our local environment.”

Mr Kiernan also offered solutions for those that might not be able to physically collect the rubbish on Clean Up Australia Day.

He urged all supporters to head online to either sponsor a clean-up site, or simply donate on the website or Facebook page.

All collections raised go towards the purchase of materials provided free of charge to communities, schools and youth groups.

Clean Up Australia Day is targeting an increase on the 32 million volunteer hours over the 2017 event, and will be looking to also increase their 171 thousand locations in the new year.

Last year’s event saw more than 344 thousand ute loads of rubbish removed by volunteers in the Clean Up Australia Day.

For more information, or to register your Clean Up site go to