Free microchipping heading to Morisset and Wyee after service success | PHOTOS

The Lake Macquarie City Council has launched two more locations in Morisset and Wyee for their free microchipping service, after the first round of locations was a success.

The drive, now set to be a monthly service, is designed to make sure pets and domestic animals in the region are properly microchipped, one of the “most important things you can do for your dog or cat” according to council’s waste, environment and rangers manager Keith Stevenson.

“Having your dog or cat microchipped ensures Council rangers can easily identify and return stray or lost animals to their rightful owners,” Stevenson said. “This new free mobile service will significantly increase the number of microchipped pets in Lake Macquarie and reduce lost pets and fines applied for non-compliance.”

“State law requires that all dogs and cats are to be microchipped at 12 weeks of age, so take advantage of this opportunity to have your pet microchipped for free. It’s also important for owners to notify Council if their address or contact details change so records are up to date.”

The free microchipping service is only available to Lake Macquarie residents, with ID required upon attendance to the trailer locations.

Morisset’s service will be available at Auston Oval, Dora Street on November 23, while Wyee’s service will be available at Wyee Oval, Summerhayes Road on December 7.

The fine for an animal that is not microchipped is $275.