Young angler lands 40cm bream near Dora Creek Bridge

A KEEN young angler from Dora Creek had a story to tell his friends when he returned to school this week after landing this 40cm bream in the creek during the holidays.

Jed Madsen, 6, caught the thumping bream with his first cast on an outing with his dad, Jeremy, near the Dora Creek Bridge.

“We went out about 10am, just for half an hour, and on his first cast he hooked up,” Mr Madsen said.

A small rock crab was his bait.

The catch was no novelty for Jed, who has been hooked on angling for much of his young life.

“He was casting a rod from 18 months of age. He fishes off the jetty regularly, and although this is probably the best bream he’s caught, he’s landed some nice flathead and tailor, too,” Mr Madsen.

And when Jed isn’t fishing, he’s asking Dad to take him out in the boat.

“It never stops,” Mr Madsen laughed. “It’s all he ever wants to do.”

Jed also knows his stuff, and has an assortment of favourite blade lures.