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UNIQUE BUILDING: Marion Baldwin inside the historic Morisset Memorial Hall. A reader says that the building, itself, is the town's war memorial. Picture: David Stewart
UNIQUE BUILDING: Marion Baldwin inside the historic Morisset Memorial Hall. A reader says that the building, itself, is the town's war memorial. Picture: David Stewart

Hall is the war memorial

WHILE many towns chose to build a stone monument and column with the names of local men who went to war, unusually, Morisset citizens chose to build a war memorial hall on a government land grant, complete with a World War I honour board.

This is remembered in photos and memories of living people who assisted returned soldiers in the town.

We do need a larger library, but would Lake Macquarie City Council really replace or demolish this unique war memorial with a fancy plaque in an architect-designed library on land that isn’t theirs?

For years, council has persistently refused to acknowledge the land grant, and our title deeds to this heritage-listed building and continue to publicise another new plan for the site.

Council owns the multi-purpose centre opposite the golf course and, after a few years, charged the community user groups commercial rates. This is what is likely to happen to all local not-for-profit groups who are making good use of our war memorial hall, and not for business profit.

- Beverley Timms, Cooranbong

Where’s our fair share?

LAKE Macquarie City Council’s July newsletter forecasts spending $111 million on capital works projects for 2017-2018.

We have three council wards – North, East and West. The West ward councillors have apparently agreed that the part of West ward from, say, south of Toronto and Wangi Wangi will receive less than about $8 million of the $111 million.

The area around Morisset and Wyee Point is to have a share of $2.13 million for two library refurbishments, plus some roadworks, and a shared pathway in Morisset.

I would love to read a reply from our West ward councillors explaining how that is a fair go for us?

- Trevor Burgess, Wyee Point

Third world standards

THANKS for your article 'Damning emissions report' (Lakes Mail, August 24). It shows that this country has third world standards when it comes to protecting citizens from the harmful effects of pollution. Not only is this causing unnecessary distress to the general population, but is costing huge increases in the provision of health services.

- Richard Edmonds, Balcolyn

Power comparison

WE are told to shop around for energy providers, so l managed to find a comparison provider that didn’t require a full disclosure of what l am already charged, in a complex arrangement of numbers. 

This simpler version only asked what my average daily consumption is in KW.

Apart from a few ridiculously high quotations, the majority were almost similar bar a few dollars either way, and the first thought that came to mind was that this has to be rigged.

If this is the best it’s going to get, even though they have been asked to contact us personally, l have little hope of any thing really changing. It’s a captive market, where all the players play the same game, and l can’t see them upsetting their little game, or changing the rules, simply because the Prime Minister asks them to be compassionate. Put in layman’s terms, they have us over a barrel – we either pay up or do without .

Don’t believe me? You do the exercise.

- Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek

Busy saying nothing

REFUSAL of ALP politicians to present evidence they have renounced their dual citizenship is a mirror image of the burqa imbroglio, with a recalcitrant minority continuing to conceal their identity from the public while the rest of us are not allowed to do so. Well might Samuel Johnson have said, "If you have nothing to say, say nothing". We are stuck with too many who have nothing to say and keep right on saying it.

- Ron Elphick, Buff Point 


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