Letters to the editor

SLOW RIDE: A reader has called for the introduction of more limited-stop train services to reduce travel times between Newcastle and Central Station. Picture: Paul Jones
SLOW RIDE: A reader has called for the introduction of more limited-stop train services to reduce travel times between Newcastle and Central Station. Picture: Paul Jones

How to boost train travel

THERE have been comments lately about the slow train trip from Newcastle to Central Station (Sydney) which currently takes over three hours.

I believe the old Newcastle flyer could do the trip in about 2¼ hours.

Most services now stop at between 14 and 34 stations. Wouldn’t it be great if a fast, limited-stop service was available with, say, eight stops – Broadmeadow (where the train actually starts and finishes), Cardiff, Fassifern, Morisset, Tuggerah, Gosford, Woy Woy and Central, with two or three services each way, each weekday?

It could probably cut 40 or 50 minutes off the present journey times, and make for a lot more happy customers, and more revenue for the government, too.

- Ian King, Warners Bay

Let experts run the show

IN 1855 the NSW Department of Railways was created to regulate railway services in this state until 80 years later. Since then our railway services have endured a litany of titles such as RailCorp, State Transit, Roads and Maritime, Sydney monorail, Sydney Metro, Country Rail etc. until lately it's called; 'Transport for NSW'. 

Of course this is only one portfolio of many. Every name change costs us generous, long suffering taxpayers millions in letterheads, new offices and staff, logos repainting door titles, rolling stock and so on. Why? It seems to be a similar objective to dogs marking their territory.

But shouldn't politicians be focusing their energies on funding the next election and leave the running of our state to professional bureaucrats who are skilled at what they do?

After all would you employ a solicitor or a fish and chip shop operator to repair your motor car?  So is it sensible for politicians to be directing the decisions of highly experienced career transport officers or hospital planners, usually with at least 20 years of knowledge and experience? I think not.  

No wonder we are enduring such illogical, emotive non-viable decision making throughout our government systems. A serious case of the cart before the horse.

Just as there must be a sharp delineation between church and state, for practical, sensible decision making there should also be a similar delineation between practical bureaucratic operations and state. 

- George Paris, Rathmines

Problem with Reserve Road

THE problem you have got with Reserve Road (“Town’s pot hole peril”, Lakes Mail, July 13) is that it doesn't exist. If you look at the DP (deposited plan) of the caravan park it is crown land, and no road is shown. I believe that this is the same for the conservation area.

What needs to happen is the state government to survey the road, and then have it gazetted as a road. They would then hand it over to the council, with appropriate funding, to fix it up and maintain it.

- Bruce Moriarty, Wangi Point

Sad to see club go

AS a long-term visitor to this region, and member of the Morisset Hospital Women’s Bowling Club (MHWBC), I was saddened that on Thursday, July 13, after their AGM, the committee decided to close its doors. 

After 60 years, the ladies’ club no longer exists. There were nil nominees to fill the committee positions, to keep the club alive.

What a shame they could not raise any interest within the local community to encourage women to join this lovely, quaint, historical club on the beautiful  grounds of the Morisset Hospital, overlooking the lake, surrounded by trees and the singing of birds.

Perhaps if there had been more interest generated, new women may have brought new ideas. I joined two years ago; playing lawn bowls introduced me to new friendships, lots of laughs, social engagement, and a healthy competitive spirit. 

When I return to Lake Macquarie, I will miss the opportunity to be a lady bowler for MHWBC. Very disappointing indeed.

- Judith Callan, Brisbane