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ONE-MAN SHOW: The civic grass-cutting efforts of 'vigilante mower' Mick Cronan has raised questions about a council grant. Picture: David Stewart
ONE-MAN SHOW: The civic grass-cutting efforts of 'vigilante mower' Mick Cronan has raised questions about a council grant. Picture: David Stewart

Grant’s different purpose

I REFER to the letter from John Quinlan, president of Sunshine Progress Association (“Morisset mower man”, June 1, Lakes Mail) raising questions about the sum of $30,000, allegedly part of grant funding for landscaping works in Morisset.

This money was awarded to the previous Southlakes Business Chamber and Community Alliance (SBCCA) committee through Lake Macquarie City Council’s town centre program, for the purpose of facilitating economic development-focused activities.

LMCC have confirmed that the rejuvenation of the organisation, in line with the initial intention of the funds, is appropriate and most welcome.

Since December, 2016, the new committee has taken a measured approach to the rebuilding of the organisation and, in particular, has increased business interest for a more balanced approach. No major projects have been undertaken at this stage, and the majority of the funds from the handover are still held.

SBCCA’s main activities have included monthly business breakfasts, providing networking and training opportunities, strengthening alliances with NSW and Hunter business chambers, Lake Mac Business and other local chambers and quarterly general meetings, allowing for a wider forum discussion of local issues.

When you have strong business you have strong community and SBCCA will continue to work to build a Southlake region that is prosperous and that we can all be proud to live and work in.

- Fiona Hall, president, SBCCA

English test for migrants

UNDER Peter Dutton’s proposed changes to our citizenship laws many migrants in this country would flunk the test. The English language test that he has been talking about is at the same level that universities demand for entrance.

Labor rightly has called it a bizarre act of snobbery from Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton. It is more than that. It is a coded message. 

It tells a whole lot of immigrants who are already living here permanently that they will never get to pledge allegiance to Australia. 

It also tells a whole lot of Australians who were born here that if Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton had their way they would prefer it if you weren’t here.

Is Mr Dutton aware that people of all ages would love to live in Australia? 

But how can they if the test is conducted on a university demand-type basis ?

I don’t think the English test needs changing.

- Craig Aungle, Morisset Park 

Levels are rising

I WISH it weren’t so, but ocean (and lake) levels are rising. Levels are increasing for two reasons, both the result of global warming.

As the earth’s atmosphere heats the ocean waters they expand, and as it heats the world’s ice masses they melt and add to the ocean’s volume.

NASA, the North American Space Agency data has long been tracking ocean levels. Their data shows that from 1870 to 2000 the global average rise was 200mm (an average rate of about 0.9mm/year). This annual average rate continues to increase.

NASA figures show that between 1993 and 2017 the global level rose 84.8mm, (an average rate of 3.5mm/year), and the rate of rise can only become more rapid as the atmosphere continues to warm.

- Richard Mallaby, Wangi Wangi

Memorial Hall question

WHY not demolish the old Morisset Memorial Hall and build a new one that everyone can use? After what happened in England with that building fire, the Morisset hall is an accident waiting to happen.

Build a new one for all – but above all, for the kids.

- James Dalgleish, Bonnells Bay


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