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PRAISED: BaptistCare's home services manager Catherine Smith took a personal interest in the elderly man's safety. Picture: David Stewart
PRAISED: BaptistCare's home services manager Catherine Smith took a personal interest in the elderly man's safety. Picture: David Stewart

Stroke victim rescued

WE are writing in response to your article on BaptistCare (“Allan rescued by BaptistCare”, Lakes Mail, June 22).

We are guardians for a 91-year-old gentleman. On Monday, June 5, we were in Orange, when we received a phone call from Meals on Wheels to say that there was no response when they tried to deliver his meal. We requested that they contact Baptist Care, as we knew that they had a carer due to visit.

The manager for BaptistCare, Catherine Smith, then rang us and said that she also would go and check. The result was that the gentleman had had a minor stroke and could not get up.

An ambulance was called and then Fire and Rescue NSW were also called to help lift the gentleman.

Catherine Smith, and the carer, remained and directed the operation throughout. After he was taken to Wyong Hospital, they also checked that he would at least be there overnight, to give us time to drive back from Orange.

We cannot speak highly enough of Baptist Care. Even before this incident, they had taken great care of the gentleman.

We would also have to praise the care he is receiving from Wyong Hospital, where he remains, whilst they endeavour to restore his mobility.

We would also like to acknowledge Morisset Meals on Wheels for their prompt, and caring, response to this situation.

- Julie and Kelvin Ward, Silverwater

Yes, roads are a disgrace

I TOTALLY agree with Judith Callan’s letter (“Local roads a disgrace”, Lakes Mail, June 15). Our roads are unsafe and a disgrace.

I have been writing to the council about this issue since 2001, but nothing gets done. On the Morisset peninsula development is at a rapid pace, yet nothing gets done to the road or the kerb and guttering. Where do the developer dollars go? Not on the roads, that’s for sure.

At peak hour on any day the corners of Bonnells Bay Public School, Fishery Point Road/Macquarie Street and Stockton Street/Newport Road are extremely dangerous.

Due to the increase of population the wait can be up to 15 minutes at either intersection. It is only a matter of time before a fatal or serious accident occurs.

Most nature strips and park areas are unkempt, making the area look third rate.

I would like the Lake Macquarie Council to publish what percentage of rates paid by the Morisset area residents is actually spent in our area, in comparison with the Speers Point, Charlestown and Warners Bay areas.

It is very nice that Speers Point has a first-class park, swimming pool, bicycle and walking tracks (which I am sure that most of our rates went to). But it is a long way to travel to avail ourselves of the luxury.

- Anneke Vanderkolk, Windermere Park

Councillor pay rises

WHILE many appear concerned regarding increases in politicians’ wages, including council members, reassurance can be found considering almost half of the increases will go back to the people in the form of taxation at the higher rate.

To some, it would seem they are still over paid, but when compared to other professionals employed in public service, they are not, especially when their stay in office may only last one term, after which they have to find other employment.

No, they are not over paid considering they are at a moment’s call, especially at weekends, attending functions away from family and friends.

They probably deserve more.

- Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek

Knights clocked off

THE Knights can only play for 40 minutes. How embarrassing for Newcastle. Bet the bus turns its lights out on the way home. The Tigers only have to play for 45 minutes next weekend and they will win.

- Bill Slicer, Tighes Hill 


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