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WELCOME RESPONSE: Reader Anneke VanDerKolk said it was heartening to see mayor Kay Fraser acknowledge the Westlakes district's needs. Picture: David Stewart
WELCOME RESPONSE: Reader Anneke VanDerKolk said it was heartening to see mayor Kay Fraser acknowledge the Westlakes district's needs. Picture: David Stewart

Credit where it’s due

FURTHER to my letter (“Not in magic triangle”, Lakes Mail, May 4) I was delighted to learn of the proposed developments planned for the Westlakes area (“Biggest ever spend on the western front”, Lakes Mail, May 11). My thanks go to mayor Kay Fraser for actually acknowledging the need for a lot of work in the Westlakes area.

What is greatly needed are footpaths. I am a disability pensioner and still like to go for short walks to keep fit. But because there are no footpaths in my area, I have to walk on very uneven ground (nature strips) or risk walking on the road.

Not being able to walk to the shops in safety, I feel that some of my independence is affected. I am sure that I am not the only one with this problem, as I know people use disability scooters. 

Again, I totally appreciated the response by mayor Kay Fraser. And the above comments are in no way to be interpreted as a criticism, just a suggestion.

- Anneke VanDerKolk, Windermere Park

Irony in the message

DOES anyone else see the irony in mayor Kay Fraser claiming that the Westlakes area is “not forgotten” and then listing, in her Mayor’s Message, where Lake Mac Chats will be held – none of them south of Toronto?

- Julie and Kelvin Ward, Silverwater

West could be lake jewel

SINCE my letter regarding lantana and mosquitoes in Dora Creek (“Dora Creek lantana”, Lakes Mail, April 27) it seems as though we at Dora Creek are not alone when it comes to council neglect of the western side of Lake Macquarie.

In previous letters some time back, when council amalgamation was on the horizen, l suggested and hoped that Wyong Council could be extended to Dora Creek. After reading ratepayers’ concerns regarding the council works that are required on the western side of the lake, maybe my wish should have extended to the Five Island bridges.

However, on a brighter note, l notice in the paper a congratulations to Lake Macquarie Council’s retiring general manager Brian Bell and a thank you for all he has achieved. The only down side being the writer resides at Warners Bay.

My message to the new council general manager is show some consideration for the western side of your management responsibility. The western side has the potential to be the jewel of the lake. All it needs is the same effort and will given to its northern and eastern neighbors.

- Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek

It takes all types...

EASTER Saturday was perhaps not the best time to hold a garage sale, nevertheless I raised a tidy sum for the Garvan Medical Institute, and on their behalf I thank all those who made purchases.

Some who attended purchased quite a few items, and many of them didn’t quibble over the cost. Some even paid a little more than the asking price. Others drove a hard bargain. Some people just came for a look, didn’t buy anything, but left a donation which was very kind and much appreciated.

Not withstanding, it takes all types, representatives of a local organisation were given a preview and they selected several hundred dollars worth of timber and tools but didn’t donate one cent.

Garvan would have put such an amount into researching cures for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and mutliple sclorosis, which could even have saved the life of a member of that local organisation.

- P Calvert, Morisset Park

Driving licence joke

WELL, 47 years after I got my first paper driver’s licence I now have another one. In the age of computers the Roads and Maritime Services will be posting me my new plastic licence sometime in the next fortnight. Is this some sort of joke?

- Ann Ellis, Merewether


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