Letters to the editor

DISAPPOINTMENT: One reader contends that Toukley is not making the most of its natural advantages, and could use a significant makeover. Picture: Glen McCurtayne
DISAPPOINTMENT: One reader contends that Toukley is not making the most of its natural advantages, and could use a significant makeover. Picture: Glen McCurtayne

Mount Druitt by the sea

THE people I talk to that come up from Sydney say they used to stay at Toukley for their holidays but now stay at The Entrance. They say Toukley has become old, boring, and very untidy.

Anyone can see that when driving over the bridge. You’re welcomed by a giant concrete mess that hasn't been cleaned up for years. Then there's a few old vacant blocks of land that used to be old motels, and down a bit further there’s the old caravan park, and maybe two or three motels.

The lake smells and is over netted. Catching a fish is very rare and what shops they have cater for the old people who run the place and don't like change.

Unemployment is high, graffiti is everywhere, and the youth are bored, all because the old people won't change. Toukley would never get a Tidy Town award.

The Central Coast is about the best coast north of Sydney, but people are going to other places besides Toukley because, as one local said, Toukley is now like Mount Druitt by the sea.

- Martin Evans, Charmhaven

Light rail numbers

THE figures for Newcastle’s light rail are not good. I understand more than $500 million will be spent so light rail can move 1200 people out of Newcastle in an hour. The old heavy rail could move a six-car train and an eight-car train out of Newcastle carrying over 1400 people in less than 10 minutes.

- Agner Sorensen, Teralba

Good Friday respect

THANK you to 'Woolies' and all the other shops etc who closed for Good Friday. Sending a simple message; we don’t wear our faith on our sleeves but you’re welcome here if you respect our ways. Which is basically love of God and love of neighbour. God protect and bless Australia.  

- Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca Heads

Monetary madness

IF the proposed penalty rate cuts had been in operation this Easter, it’s been shown low-paid workers would have had $30 million less in their pay packets. That would make a lot of difference to struggling families, some of whom we all know.

When retailers are complaining about the effects of already reduced demand, and more small businesses are going broke, it’s madness to have even less money in circulation via reduced penalty rates and an attack on the basic wage.

- Lorraine Yudaeff, Fern Bay

Be realistic with sharks

WITH shark attacks the media always reports a great white or bull shark or any shark was responsible for the attack. Do sharks actually know they have a responsibility? I think not. Humans have to be realistic. It’s Easter time. The mullet are spawning in their thousands, bream, luderick and the Australian salmon will follow.

These species are jellybeans for sharks. This cycle will repeat this year as it has for thousands of years. If you are entering the water over the next few weeks, you are part of the food chain – it’s nature at its best and we have no right to control it.

I will be out fishing and taking film from my kayak and sharks are welcome to be the stars of the show.

- Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

Beer Fest praise

THE recent Newcastle Beer Fest was a great excuse to catch up with mates, have a laugh, tell a few lies, while enjoying the sunshine and sampling a fabulous range of craft beers.

The fact the event was conducted in a wonderfully convivial manner came as no surprise to this writer but may have to the wowsers who oppose the operations of craft beer pubs and such events in our region.

Thank you to the organisers, the Newcatsle council and the East Enders for allowing this event to go ahead.

- Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth