Letters to the editor

DAMAGING: Reader Ian KIng says the ACTU's demands for higher wages are doing nothing to boost employment opportunities. Picture: Erin Jonasson
DAMAGING: Reader Ian KIng says the ACTU's demands for higher wages are doing nothing to boost employment opportunities. Picture: Erin Jonasson

Wage bid nonsense

ACTU new secretary Sally McManus is calling for $45 a week pay rise. This type of nonsense does nothing to help the cause of union members at all and shows just how out of touch with the real world Ms McManus is by promoting such a fanciful idea.

Trade unions generally are, I believe, on the nose with a lot of people, as indicated by falling membership levels. Surely even Ms McManus must realise that many employers, particularly the smaller businesses, are struggling as it is to keep their heads above water as the real cost of an employee is close to double their actual wage when you factor in holiday loadings, flexi-days, sick and annual leave, workers comp etc, all of which are all additional costs to the employers. 

No one would deny workers (including the self employed) a decent living, but the money has to come from somewhere doesn’t it? As I see it, silly wage claims such as has been proposed will do absolutely nothing to increase employment opportunities, in fact the opposite would be the case because such high wage increases could not be sustainable.

Do yourself and your members a favour Ms McManus and get your head out of the sand.

- Ian King, Warners Bay

Anonymous tip-offs

IN regard to your story (“Anonymous tip-offs”, Lakes Mail, March 30), from recent experience with Lake Macquarie City Council, even if you allow council to use your name in conjunction with a complaint about building works on a neighbouring property, council still conceal the pertinent facts of the matter.

However, this does appear to depend on who you speak to and what day of the week it is. The consensus of people outside council appears to be that council will do whatever keeps their feet on the desk.

- Paul Barbour, Rathmines

Welcome council cuts

A BIG thank-you to Central Coast Council for its prompt action in averting a potentially serious road hazard at the roundabout at the Sparks Road and Warnervale Road junction, in Warnervale.

A tree in the middle of the junction had overgrown lower branches which were almost totally blocking driver vision.

As soon as the council was made aware of the situation, prompt action was taken to remove the lower branches thus enabling views of other drivers already in, or approaching, the roundabout.

- S Moss, Hamlyn Terrace

Heartbreaking abuse

I HAVE been reading the Newcastle Herald for years. The more I read the news, the more depressing it becomes. It’s as if decency has been destroyed by a complete lack of empathy and accountability.

What’s even more heartbreaking is that the congregations of these places of worship had total trust of those in positions of power and, after years of abuse, the pleas of the victims were ignored.

If any of their deities do exist, the perpetrators’ journeys to any of their heavens should take a very long time. 

Purgatory is a delightful place at any time of the year.  

- Nick Ryder, Booragul

Shame on Liberals

SHAME on you, Liberal politicians. Misused words generate hatred and bigotry. The coalition is giving the green light to bigots and racists, to offend, insult, and humiliate Australians on the basis of skin color and race.

- Richard Ryan, Summerland Point 

Slow learners

IN 100 years governments have not learnt a thing. $300 million for education and policing against multi-billion dollar drug syndicates. And I have been told we have smart people running the country, ha, ha.

- Craig Budden, Hamilton