With no litter to collect at Cooranbong, Avril Lockton pitched in to help her neighbours at Dora Creek on Clean Up Australia Day

COORANBONG’S Avril Lockton said there was a very good reason for there being no registered sites targeting rubbish collection in Cooranbong for Clean Up Australia Day.

“There’s been no clean-up sites in Cooranbong for some years now because there’s no litter to clean up!” she said.

But that didn’t stop Ms Lockton, the chair of Cooranbong Sustainable Neighbourhood Group, from rolling up her sleeves and helping out her neighbours on the big day.

“I participated in the Dora Creek clean-up and registered with Bob and Christine Geelan, at the Newport Road site,” she said.

“Bob and Christine have volunteered to manage the Dora Creek clean up site, organised by the Dora Creek Seventh-day Adventist Church, for the past 18 years.”

And it’s a good thing they have.

This year, a group of 18 volunteers at the site combined to collect 14 bags of general garbage and three bags of recyclables.

“Lots of beer cans, bottles and garbage from fast food outlets were the main types of garbage,” Ms Lockton said.

The Dora Creek volunteers included participants from several generations.

“The youngest participant was Deut (Deuteronomy) Tully, at just five years of age, and the oldest participant was Evelyn Sheedy, at 75,” Ms Lockton said.