Services NSW kiosk to open inside Toronto Library from Monday, March 21

AT YOUR SERVICE: Motor vehicle registrations, fishing licences and Opal Card matters are just a few of the government services to be offered at the Services NSW kiosk to open inside Toronto Library on Monday, March 21. Picture: David Stewart
AT YOUR SERVICE: Motor vehicle registrations, fishing licences and Opal Card matters are just a few of the government services to be offered at the Services NSW kiosk to open inside Toronto Library on Monday, March 21. Picture: David Stewart

A SERVICES NSW kiosk will be set up at Toronto from Monday to provide a range of government services including everything from online motor vehicle and boat registrations to Seniors Card and fishing licence applications.

It’s a win for western Lake Macquarie residents who campaigned to retain access to government services in their area.

Independent Member for Lake Macquarie Greg Piper, who led a vocal community campaign against the state government’s closure of the Toronto Motor Registry last year, has secured a commitment from the state government to establish the kiosk.

State Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet has advised Mr Piper the digital kiosk will begin operations on Monday, March 21, inside Toronto Library.

It will be staffed with Services NSW personnel who can assist with all online government services including motor vehicle and boat registrations.

The cashless kiosk will fill some of the void left by the closure of the motor registry, Mr Piper said.

“It’s not everything we wanted but it’s a significant outcome given an alternative of nothing,” Mr Piper said.

“I still want to see a full Services NSW office operating in Toronto, but this is a start which will hopefully prove to the government that an expanded Services NSW presence in Toronto is warranted.

“Unfortunately, for many people on the western side of the lake, the nearest full Services NSW office will be at Warners Bay or Wyong, but the kiosk will fill the gap for many people.

“I’m glad the minister has at least listened to my argument and listened to the nearly 11,000 local residents who signed the petition following closure of the motor registry. Having almost 11,000 people sign in less than two weeks was an amazing effort,” he said.

Mr Piper thanked all the people who supported the campaign.

What services are on offer

Online services to be on offer at the Services NSW kiosk at Toronto Library from Monday, March 21.-

Office of Liquor and Gaming 

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Compentency Cards (RSA)
  • Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG)

Collect and pickup  

  • Medical Certificates for RMS  
  • Notice of Disposals for RMS 
  • L & P plate pickup 
  • Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)
  • Create a MyServiceNSW Account 
  • Create MyRTA Account
  • Renew my Registration
  • Check Registration History
  • Change Address
  • Can check where to get a Pink/Blue Slip Inspection
  • Transfer of Registration 
  • Notice of Disposal
  • Book an online test
  • Replace a Licence 
  • Book a HVIS
  • Green Slip Calculator
  • Order auxiliary plates
  • Renew a motor dealer licence
  • Use vehicle registration calculator
  • Request a Driving History Report
  • Check Demerits
  • Use Registration Calculator
  • Apply for Good Behaviour
  • Order Personalised Plates
  • Check if a vehicle is prohibited for P1/P2
  • Find an accredited Driving Instructor
  • Find an assessor for Older Driving Test 
  • Find the list of recognized countries for licences
  • Change Rego Renewal to Pension and Process
  • Locate how to get to Practice Knowledge Test
  • Locate RMS Forms to print
  • Order a Replacement Renewal or Rego Certificate
  • Change address on Firearms Licence
  • Apply for a road occupancy licence
  • Apply for Intelligent Access Program
  • Find an authorised child restraint fitting station
  • Renew a hold period with MyPlates


  • Register a customer for an online account
  • Change personal details on an online account
  • Update credit card details on an online account
  • Add/Remove vehicle from an online account
  • Report a lost/stolen tag
  • Add an authorised Representative
  • Do a forgotten password reset
  • Order an a new tag
  • Order a new clip
  • Claim M5 cashback
  • View past statements
  • Apply for an E-Toll Tag online
  • Pay a Toll Notice
  • Apply for a Pass (EMU)

Additional Related E-Toll (roam express)

  • Search for outstanding e-toll for a vehicle on Roam 
  • Pay e-toll with Roam billing it to RMS - Etag


  • Renew a general boat licence
  • Renew a general boat licence without renewal notice
  • Renew a vessel registration
  • Renew a vessel registration without a renewal notice
  • Order boat maps online
  • Look up mooring prices on Maritime Page
  • Look up vessel registration pricing on Maritime page
  • Renew a private mooring licence
  • Make an Ad Hoc Wharfbooking (Casual basis)
  • Change individual Details (find link to print form)

Senior Cards

  • Apply for a Senior Card
  • Change details on a Senior Card
  • Replace a Senior Card
  • Use Senior Card Directory
  • Locate how to cancel a Senior Card
  • Cancel a Senior Card

Opal Card

  • Order a Senior Opal Card
  • Transfer Balance from Adult to Senior Card
  • Working with Children
  • Apply online for a working with children check 
  • Change from Volunteer to Paid on a WWC Number


  • Apply for a fishing licence
  • Renew a fishing licence
  • Renew a fishing licence without renewal notice
  • Locate the exemptions for Fishing Licence
  • Report illegal fishing
  • Apply for a National Park Pass
  • Locate the form for Exemptions to National Park Pass
  • Locate the Form for Senior disc on National Park Pass
  • Book a NSW Train Link 


  • Find a school (check area map for enrollment)
  • Find the School Holiday Calendar
  • Find a preschool/afterschool/before school care


  • Locate the link to Human Services (Centrelink/Medicare)


  • Enrol to Vote
  • Change address with AEC
  • Check enrolment
  • Check voting area
  • Change Name

State Debt Recovery

  • Pay a penalty or reminder notice
  • Apply for time to pay for an enforcement order
  • Pay a land tax notice
  • Pay an enforcement order

Birth Deaths & Marriages

  • Look up Birth Certificate Information
  • Look up Marriage Certificate Information
  • Look up Death Certificate Information
  • Look up Change of Name Information
  • Look up Registering a Relationship Information
  • Family History Certificate

MY Service NSW Account

  • Create an account
  • Reset password
  • Link to RMS

Department of Primary Industries

  • Renew a beekeepers licence
  • Notify food business details

Fair Trading 

  • Apply for a  motor vehicle tradesperson certificate
  • Apply for a valuer's registration
  • Check an onsite residential property managers licence
  • Check a builder or tradesperson’s licence
  • Check a corporation property licence
  • Check a motor dealers licence
  • Check a motor vehicle recyclers licence
  • Check a motor vehicle repairers licence
  • Check a motor vehicle tradesperson certificate
  • Check a property certificate of registration
  • Check a property conveyancers licence
  • Check a real estate agent licence
  • Check a real estate salesperson or registered managers licence
  • Renew a business agents licence
  • Renew a conveyors licence
  • Renew a corporation property licence
  • Renew an individual’s contractor’s licence
  • Renew an on-site residential property managers licence
  • Renew a motor vehicle repairers licence
  • Renew a pawnbrokers or second-hand dealers licence
  • Renew a property certificate of registration
  • Renew a qualified supervisors certificate
  • Renew a salespersons and registered managers licence
  • Renew a stock and station agents licence
  • Renew a strata managing agents licence
  • Renew a tradesperson certificate
  • Renew a valuer’s registration licence

Legal Services

  • Apply for a reappointment as a JP
  • Change the contact details on your JP registration
  • Find a Justice of Peace (JP)
  • Find out about jury service in ServiceNSW
  • Publish a probate notice
  • Serach court cases and view information


  • Pay a housing NSW rent start bond loan
  • Pay for housing NSW Vacated account
  • Pay for housing NSW miscellaneious items
  • Pay for housing NSW Rent
  • Pay for housing NSW repairs
  • Pay for housing NSW Water
  • NSW Environment Protection Authority
  • Report a smoky vehicle
  • Report a littering from a vehicle.

NSW Food Authority

  • Notify food business details
  • Appoint food safety supervisor


  • Apply for a native animal import and export licence
  • Apply for a state library readers card
  • Apply for the away from home dialysis scheme
  • Apply for the Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS)
  • Calculate your energy costs with smarter choice
  • Change the details registered with EnableNSW
  • Check a business agents licence
  • Check the register of authorised games of chance
  • Check an on-premises liquor licence
  • Check a charitable fundraising licence
  • Check a hotel or club liquor licence
  • Check a packaged liquor licence
  •  Check a producer/wholesaler liquor licence
  • Check a strata agent or property managers licence
  • Check a stock and station agents licence
  • Check a trade promotion lottery permit
  • Find a NSW public library
  • Local government directory – local councils
  • Order NSW government publications
  • Renew a native animal keepers licence
  • Renew a private hospital licence
  • Register a pool on the NSW swimming pool register
  • Register for NSW Electoral Reminders


  • Replace a construction induction card
  • Replace a high risk work licence


  • Book NSW TravelLink travel
  • Buy a MyTrain or MyMulti ticket
  • Order tickets for Art Gallery of NSW exhibitions
  • Order tickets for Sydney Opera house events