Letters to the editor

I WRITE in response to Mel Parkins' letter ("Let them ride, it's better than Xbox", Lakes Mail, September 20).

The reasons I like to go for walks through the bush tracks is to enjoy seeing the wildlife, seeing the lake's beauty and getting away from urbanisation for a short time.

Other people like seeing and walking through the bush areas as well, and they don't want to hear noisy bikes or have to step out of the way for them.

The main areas of bushland I spoke about are National Parks and Wildlife land which clearly show signs that say trail-bike riding is prohibited. Also, many council reserves and adjoining bushland areas clearly show signs that trail bike riding is prohibited.

It is also against the law for a person of any age to ride an unregistered trail bike on public roads or streets.

I find it hard to believe that wildlife are not being too disturbed in the bush by these trail bike riders.

Yes, I have the right and other people do, too, to walk around these bush tracks.

Logically, riders should go to areas where it's legal, safe and fun for them.

- Craig Aungle, Morisset Park

So long and thanks for all the votes 

A BIG thank you to all of the 3424 voters who put me as their first preference for mayor of Lake Macquarie, and to my flyer deliverers and helpers on the day.

It is great that you hold me in your confidence and I promise to do better next time around. Thanks also to the Lakes Mail for including me in your news coverage.

- Arjay Martin, Independent Lake Macquarie mayoral candidate, Dudley

Money is power for those who run it

WHEN you receive your next power bill and wonder how you will pay it, spare a thought for the CEO of your provider, who in my case has a salary of $6.3 million a year.

Electricity prices have increased 50 per cent in four years, his salary increased 50 per cent in one year.

- Darryl Tuckwell, Belmont

The ice is part of a polarised debate

ARCTIC sea ice is at a record low. However, Antarctic sea ice is at its greatest extent at present.

The reason for the disparity between poles is not understood.

Why is Arctic ice now at a low ebb?

It must be due to local weather conditions, surely. It can't be due to global warming, because average global air temperatures have shown no overall upwards trend since 1999.

Scientists tell us that climate change is driven by global warming, but I don't believe there is any warming trend, and there is no catastrophic climate change.

- John Harborne, Valentine

POWER: But at what cost?

POWER: But at what cost?