Tournament threatens to set town back 700 years

GOOD KNIGHT: Sasha Buchmann.
GOOD KNIGHT: Sasha Buchmann.
JUST JOUSTING: Three-metre lances will test participants in the play tournament this Saturday.

JUST JOUSTING: Three-metre lances will test participants in the play tournament this Saturday.

COORANBONG'S equestrian reserve will slip back in time to the 14th century this Saturday when fully armoured knights stage a buhurdicum (play tournament).

The unusual event is one of two organised by the Cooranbong-based Household of the Green Knight.

It's a group of dedicated enthusiasts who ride specially trained horses in handmade chain mail and steel armour to compete in genuine jousting matches using 3-metre lances.

Founder, Sasha Buchmann, said jousting was established in medieval times as a way of demonstrating a knight's prowess on a horse, and skill with weaponry.

"We are a multi-period group with a particular focus on the 14th century as well as Napoleonic cavalry re-enactment," Ms Buchmann said.

"We also have communal sewing and equipment making days for those working on their own medieval garb or their horse's tack."

Last year members of the Household spent 44 medieval-kitted days in the saddle including participation in three international tournaments and four major public displays for crowds of up to 20,000.

"This year will feature weekly riding exercises and monthly training sessions, as well as a major event every second month," Ms Buchmann said.

"Such events include historical encampments, swordfights, archery and mounted archery, blackpowder events, skill at arms and joust competitions. It's fun and anybody can join us."

Saturday, April 29, will see Bercilak's Quest, a tournament involving foot as well as mounted combat. The tournament will include beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Both tournaments will be held at the equestrian reserve (at the corner of Kings and Martinsville roads).

Phone 0435 180200 for more details.