LETTERS: Floodgates open on policy, finally

I WRITE in relation to John Church's newfound policy on Lake Macquarie City Council's sea level rise notations on section 149 certificates ("Church vows to fight controversial flood notes", Lakes Mail, July 11).

It's about time you joined the cause, John. I have been vocally and publicly against the notations since the beginning (and predictions of the magical near three-metre sea level rise in 87 years time).

I was the only candidate besides Jim Sullivan that was in the Lake Macquarie mayoral election last year to speak out against such notations.

Maybe you could advise your Charlton candidate to follow in my, and now your, footsteps - then get the Liberal councillors finally on board, too.

Thanks in anticipation of doing so, but I won't hold my breath.

-Arjay Martin, Independent candidate for Charlton

CANDIDATE: Arjay Martin.

CANDIDATE: Arjay Martin.